deVOL Crackle Pendant Light

Everything from the ceramic shade to the metal collar has been made by hand in our design studios here at Cotes Mill. Each light is carefully finished with our signature white crackle glaze and is available with either antiqued brass or aged bronze fixtures.

  • Our new pendant lights are crackled and wobbly by design, meaning that no two shades are the same.
  • These lights are sure to be a quirky and original addition to any room.
  • Both the crackled ceramic shades and metal collars are made by hand and finished at Cotes Mill
  • Our ceramic shades are available in deVOL's unique white crackle ceramic glaze.
  • Product Details

  • We source the highest quality twisted black fabric flex cord for a great look and durability.
  • Fixtures are available in an antiqued brass or aged bronze finish, with matching ceiling rose for an additional cost.
  • If you would like to see our pendant lights in person they are currently on display in our St. John's Square showroom in Clerkenwell as well as our Mill House showroom at Cotes Mill in Leicestershire

Crackle Pendant light including ceramic shade, metal fixture and flexcord 

£150 inc. VAT

Available with antiqued brass or aged bronze finishes, matching ceiling roses available for an additional £25

We would recommend collection from our Cotes Mill showroom, however delivery is available for £25.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks 


Product Specification 

Diameter 300mm, height 150mm (180mm with lampholder)

Standard cord length; 2m, weight approx. 1kg Cap Type: Bayonet cap, BC or B22

Pendant light should be fixed into wooden joists and wired by a certified professional tradesman.

Read more about how our crackled pendant lights are made

Our Potter, Claire, constructs the conical shade using a type of stoneware clay called crank, which is mixed with water and poured into a plaster mould. The plaster is incredibly porous and quickly absorbs moisture from the clay, causing it to set. To make sure that the finished pendant light is the perfect weight, Claire has figured out exactly how long to wait before pouring the excess clay from the mould. The cast is then left to dry for two days before taking it out of the mould; if the clay were to dry too quickly it would start to split and crack all over. Once glazed and fired, the shade is brushed with an iron oxide solution to create the lovely crackle effect.

This organic finish, coupled with the subtle warping of each shade during the firing, means they are always one of a kind. Once the ceramic shade is finished, Stephanie, our talented jeweller and metalsmith, begins work on the fixture. The metal collar is carefully drawn onto brass sheet and cut by hand. Stephanie then uses a process called ‘raising’; a technique which involves forming metal sheet over a stake, through a repeated course of hammering and annealing until it reaches the desired shape. The collar is tidied up and treated to give the fixture an authentically aged finish. After that, it’s just a matter of assembly!