5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

2nd October 2015

By Collette Black

Nestled between long Summer days and festive Winter nights, Autumn is often overshadowed by its season siblings, but I think it has to be one of the most underrated times of the year! As soon as I see the leaves starting to to turn and feel the air getting crisper, it fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling and all my childhood memories come flooding back. It was so hard to pick, but I think I’ve managed to narrow my list down to my top 5 favourite things about this amazing season…

1) Conkers


I was walking home from my friends house last Sunday when I stumbled on my very first conker of the season. There is something so nostalgic about conkers, I’m automatically filled with childhood memories of conker battles with my sister. We used to hunt for hours in the little woodland across the road from my house searching for the perfect contestant, only to be beaten by my Dad who had clearly honed his skills over many years of competitive conker-ing. In truth, I haven’t played in years, but this little warrior made me smile so much, I picked him up and am planning on taking him home next week and challenging my dad to a rematch!


2) Pretty as a picture

From the falling leaves to incredible sunsets, looking out of your window in Autumn is more like looking at a Monet. The deep reds and warm ambers make everything look just a little more beautiful. Yes, your Instagram may go a bit wild for a couple of months, but switching selfies for sunsets is a big win in my book. Plus, look how cute these little fellas look…


3) Autumn treats

I love baking and for me Autumn means one thing… Crumble. Whether it’s rhubarb, pear or my personal favourite, the classic apple and cinnamon. This Autumnal dish is my idea of heaven! Of course noone can make a crumble as good as my mum, but this one comes pretty close.

Stevie Parle’s Salted Caramel Apple Crumble Recipe


And how can I mention autumn without raving about the joy of warm beverages (which become an absolute necessity in my eyes!) Top of my list is definitely the Chai Tea Latte. It may take a little more effort than popping to your local coffee shop but I love this recipe by live simply.

Live Simply Homemade Chai Tea Latte


4) Winter layers

No, I do not mean the little bit of extra insulation we gain to protect ourselves from those cold winter nights (although that definitely should’ve been added to the list!) I mean that it’s the first chance to get your favourite chunky knit or super soft cashmere scarf out from the back of your wardrobe. Or better still, it’s the perfect excuse for a ‘refresh’ … and who doesn’t love an excuse to shop?!


5) Coming home to a cosy fire


There is nothing better than snuggling up next to a roaring fire. This snap is of the ESSE wood-burner at our gorgeous Cabin at Cotes Mill…can you think of anything better on a chilly Autumn eve?!

Images sourced from www.pinterest.co.uk, www.gizmodo.co.uk, www.7-themes.com, www.telegraph.co.uk and www.livesimply.me

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