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Dry January

7th January 2016

By Collette Black

I am probably not the only one who woke up on New Years Day with mascara down my face murmuring the all too familiar phrase ‘I am never drinking again’. Over the festive period it’s easy to take the water into wine miracle a little too literally and when January’s harsh reality hits, you have the urge to apologise to your beer battered body with a little TLC. The juicer comes out of the box, the gym membership is confirmed and we solemnly swear to stick to ‘dry January’ this year, that is a January minus the booze.

On January 1st I was on a roll, there was no way alcohol would be coming anywhere near me, but by January 2nd me and my friend were sitting there on a Saturday night wondering what to do now the pub was off limits. With ‘drinks’ making up such a big part of my social calendar, the bandwagon is so easily hopped off and I’m waking up a week later murmuring that familiar phrase once again. But not this year! I came up with some alternative things to do to try and help me, and hopefully you, have an amazing booze-free start to 2016… Your body (and wallet) will thank you after!

1. Popcorn at the pictures

Hollywood understands we’re all on the hunt for detox-friendly nights and so rather cleverly decided to bring out a load of amazing films in January, and I am definitely not complaining. Here are some of the films I cannot wait to see this month…


The Oscar buzz alone is sure to put bums in seats, but Eddie Redmayne’s ability to completely transform into his characters is what excites me most about this film. The inspirational story is inspired by the lives of Danish painters Gerda Wegener and Lili Elbe, who underwent one of the first ever sex-change operations in the 1930s. The Danish Girl was released 1st January, so you can see it now!


I stumbled across this book in a hostel and absolutely loved it! So when I saw the trailer and that it was up for a whole host of awards, I got pretty excited. An emotional tale from the perspective of a boy who’s whole world is the room his mother has been held captive in since she was 17. I won’t tell you much more as I don’t want to ruin it, but this one is sure to have you reaching for the tissues. I’d also recommend that you don’t watch the trailer if you don’t want to know the whole story before you even buy the popcorn. Room is set to be released 15th January.


Following the success of Django Unchained, Tarantino’s new 3 hour epic Western-mystery boasts an impressive cast and will hopefully provide all the drama, gore and killer soundtrack that QT is known for. See it from 8th January.


The people who made Silver Linings Playbook, with pretty much the cast of Silver Linings Playbook, in what appears to be the same style of Silver Linings Playbook. But hey, I liked Silver Linings Playbook! The semi-biographical comedy drama about self-made millionaire, Joy Mangano, is in cinemas from 1st January.


A tense drama about the journalists who exposed the Catholic Church’s cover-up of endemic abuse in Boston. Tipped for big academy award nominations, it’s sure to have you at the edge of your seat and sobbing into your popcorn. You can catch Spotlight from 29th January.

2. A night at the museum


I absolutely love museums and galleries!! I took a trip to The Natural History Museum last week for the first time in years, and I was just like a kid at Christmas. True, exploring exhibits is usually a daytime activity but recently London’s museums and galleries have opened their doors to the late night crowd; with Natural History Museum Lates offering after-hours events, over 150 galleries in east London staying open until 9pm for First Thursdays and SLAM Fridays when, on the last Friday of the month, South London galleries welcome visitors well into the evening.

3. Sunday supper club


I can’t be the only one who’s missing home cooked dinners already?! And so my friend gave me this idea, we each host a Sunday supper (although it can be any night of the week) where we get together eat, chill and chat, kind of like ‘Come Dine With Me’ minus the booze and with people you actually like. We have so many lovely recipe books at Cotes Mill, I will definitely be taking some inspo from this Sunday Suppers book by Karen Mordechai.

4. Back to school


Why not hit two resolution birds with one stone and take up a night class? Whether you want to learn Spanish, rival Mary Berry in the kitchen, become an uber-flexible yogi or take a salsa class, it’s the perfect booze free evening of fun.

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