My Pinterest obsession: Part 2

23rd June 2016

By Collette Black

In my last blog I unveiled our top 5 most popular pictures on Pinterest and it got me thinking, why does one picture become so popular? What does it take to get the ball rolling so to speak? You place all these beautiful little balls of snow at the top of a hill and it just takes the cool kid to give it a nudge and it can quickly snowball and become super popular. Once lots of people have pinned the picture, loads more people will see it and are therefore more likely to pin it themselves, and so the ripple effect continues. As cool as this is, it also tends to mean that some of our oldest projects become our most seen and most pinned photos. I’ve not been here at deVOL that long, but over the past year I’ve seen how our projects have embraced that quirky cool cutting-edge London style and we’ve even won awards for our groundbreaking designs!! As much as I love these classic projects, it feels a bit of a shame to rule out the newbies when in fact it’s these new exciting designs that are my favourites.

So, as a deVOL newbie myself, I thought I’d celebrate these beautiful projects and, after much deliberation, I think I’ve come up with my top 5 favourite photos ever…

5. The Balham Kitchen


This kitchen will always be a bit special for me, it was the first deVOL kitchen that I fell in love with. It was actually the first project we went to take pictures of when I joined last year, and I just thought it was so cool!! At the time I was a bit of a kitchen novice, I’d never even heard of concrete worktops before, let alone seen them. Even though I’ve since learnt about their tricky upkeep, I still think they look so amazing with our Pantry Blue cabinets. Bare brick walls and a big duct pipe adds just the right amount of industrial-chic for my taste, and then the pièce de résistance; the incredible crittall-style doors and roof. What a completely dreamy space.

4. The Marylebone Kitchen


I can’t talk about cool new designs without including a Sebastian Cox Kitchen, our award winning range that’s been lauded by the design community as a completely new ‘urban-rustic’ style. My favourite thing about the range is the tactile nature of the furniture. I’ve always been the kid that pressed all the buttons and I still can’t help but run my fingers across silk clothes when I’m shopping. I love how it draws everyone in, they can’t resist stroking the fronts, opening and closing the doors and poking their fingers through the copper door pulls. That’s why the Marylebone Kitchen is my favourite, I love the contrasting textures; rough sawn timber cabinets with a smooth honed Carrara marble worktop. If rustic-luxe is a thing, this is it.

3. The Peckham Rye Kitchen 

The Peckham Rye Kitchen by deVOL

When I first saw this kitchen I just thought ‘wow’! I always hope that I’d have the guts to go for something daring, it’s risky, but if you stay true to your own style you can end up with something so beautifully unique and it’s well worth the risk! For me this kitchen is everything I love about London’s quirky style, eccentrically eclectic in an almost effortless way. I actually went to Peckham for the first time last weekend, and I have to say that this kitchen really is a reflection of the brilliantly vibrant district it calls home. Everything and everyone was super trendy, and even though it was clear the hipster parade had already moved in, the real mishmash of cultures made it feel more authentically unique than a place trying to be different because different is cool.

2. An Arts and Crafts Kitchen in Kent

An Arts and Crafts Kitchen in Kent by deVOL

Just look at that ceiling and those impressive pendant lights! I simply had to choose this project. We only went to take pictures of this beautiful home last month, but it has quickly become my second favourite kitchen ever! I’m a bit of a vintage hunter, I’ve spent many-a-Sunday wandering around the antique shops dotted along Stoke Newington’s Church Street. It’s a thin line though, you don’t want to end up looking like you’re living in a cluttered auction house, but I think this is the absolute perfect mix of old and new.

1. And the winner is… The Bloomsbury Kitchen

The Bloomsbury Kitchen by deVOL

My absolute all-time favourite has to be the Bloomsbury Kitchen. As soon as I saw it, I instantly fell in love with this kitchen’s charm. Painting both the walls and the cabinets in our dreamy ‘Flint’ grey creates such an atmospheric space, mixed with our warm ‘Bella Brass’ handles,  stylish honed Carrara marble and amazing copper pans, everything works in harmony.  It feels very British, timeless and in keeping with the period property, yet completely modern and special. I could gush about this kitchen all day, but don’t worry I won’t, I’ll just say that to me, this is perfect.

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