Springwatch at Cotes Mill

20th January 2017

by Collette Black

Earlier this year we got the exciting news that five beautiful deer were coming to live with us at Cotes Mill!! We then found out that one of them, or Nancy as she’s now known, was pregnant. Everyone in the London office then became a little obsessed with deer-cam, although we now have so many incredible animals wandering around Cotes Mill it’s pretty much deVOL’s take on Springwatch. It was Monday afternoon and for a little Monday motivation Emily, our London Showroom Manager, thought she’d check out the live stream, unbeknownst to her she’d just flicked on right at the moment that Nancy had given birth to her first fawn…what are the chances?! Since then we’ve all been hooked. His new sister joined him yesterday and another new baby arrived today!

We now have three amazing and completely adorable new additions to the deVOL clan. These beautiful baby fawns are all happy and healthy and are quickly settling into life at the Mill. We even managed to catch this little ones very first steps! Warning; this may be the cutest thing you’ll see all week…