Friday feels…

12th August 2016

By Zoe Parker

I thought I’d do a little blog about some of the things I’m liking and loving and feeling today. All very random, but lovely just the same. First up…


Havana, Cuba

I have never been to Cuba, and honestly I have never even thought about it, but after stumbling upon a few totally dreamy photos on Pinterest I have fallen for the spectacularly regal, grand interiors and exteriors of Havana in all of their crumbling glory. I suppose the picturesque decaying of Havana’s architecture is a reflection of its past, but its beauty is undeniable and to me it is quite perfect.

I particularly love these photographs by Tria Giovan and Michael Eastman. These rooms have a feeling of utter authenticity, the hotchpotch of colours and textures and patterns and styles is effortless and too cool. I guess the combination of regal and rustic isn’t all that common, but that’s ok, each little crumble and crack and tear and knock is even more beautiful than the last.     –








Salvation In Noodles 

I pretty much always feel like eating noodles, or any kind of Asian food for that matter, it’s my absolute favourite… but I remembered this cool little place earlier, I went with my mum a few months back, and it’s made me fancy a big bowl of noodles even more than usual.

It’s called ‘Salvation In Noodles‘ and they’ve got spots in Dalston and Finsbury Park. A quirky little place, with no-nonsense delicious homemade broths, noodle salads, the best summer rolls I’ve tried and other yummy little snacks. This place is definitely worth a try!





Stranger Things

This wouldn’t normally be my kind of thing, and when I tell you, you’re probably going to think it’s not going to be your kind of thing either, but trust me, this new Netflix original series called ‘Stranger Things’ is soooo good and you will not want to turn it off!!!

I finished watching the series last night and had to tell you about it. It’s a nostalgic, scary, supernatural 80’s inspired tv show about a vanishing boy, a mysterious parallel universe and strange monsters. Ok, I might have put you off even more with that description, but I promise it’s good! I don’t want to give too much away, but if you do find yourself scrolling through Netflix and struggling to find something to watch, give Stranger Things a go…. or just put it straight to the top of your ‘I have to watch this’ list!  (you can get a 30 day free Netflix trial too!) 





And there’s a few of my Friday feels. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog of randomness and maybe even found a little inspiration… have a lovely weekend!


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