Who would have thought it…………………I totally love the new ‘Haberdasher’s Kitchen’

30th May 2018

By Helen Parker

haberdashers kitchen

deVOL is beautifully hand-painted cupboards, it always has been and it’s what we all love, me in particular, I love the simplicity of the brand and all it stands for. I am a stickler for things going together, even if it’s a meal I like it to be of a type. If you do ‘English Summer Garden Party’ it has to be Pimms (only mint and cucumber, no oranges or strawberries please!!), poached salmon with watercress then strawberries and clotted cream, if you do a Mediterranean evening you don’t throw in a bit of English Ham just to be on the safe side. I have a particular disdain for supermarket food fusions too, Cheddar cheese with Marmite swirled into it, pizza with baked beans, it is unsophisticated and dilutes the individual appeal of both items. So that’s hopefully painted a picture of me!! I like it simple and classic and I like it to be the way it was intended to be when it was invented, whether it’s a piece of cheese or a kitchen. deVOL do hand-painted kitchens very well so why do an unpainted one, it’s just not the theme!!!
haberdashers kitchen

Now I’m so very pleased to say I have been completely won over by ‘The Haberdasher’s Kitchen’, it’s not an unnecessary addition to deVOL’s kitchen range it’s a standalone range of cupboards that fits perfectly with the Shaker, Classic English and Sebastian Cox Kitchens. For me this new deVOL Kitchen has not only become the authentic Sicilian pizza, the handmade Buffalo mozzarella, the Calvados made from only Normandy Apples, it has become a new classic deVOL Kitchen. It is the beginning of something really special, a new deVOL range that has real character and soul. I’m very happy to say this and apologise for any disdainful looks I might have thrown in anyone’s direction during the prototyping and building. Oh yee of little faith I hear Paul saying, how could I have doubted his impeccable taste and ability to create yet another beautiful kitchen range.

haberdashers kitchen

The Haberdasher’s Kitchen is now back at Cotes Mill after spending its first week as a proper kitchen at ‘Clerkenwell Design Week’. It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks where everyone without exception was working to get the kitchen designed and built and installed in time for the show. It’s the first time many deVOL staff, let alone visitors to the show, have ever seen the cupboards so it was a very memorable week.

haberdashers kitchen

Clerkenwell Design Week is quite special to us as it’s held in the home of both our London showrooms and is in an area we have grown to love for its calm and quirky atmosphere. Clerkenwell is full of designers, architects and arty people all year round but they come in their thousands to wander the streets and showrooms during design week. There’s a lovely atmosphere and it’s great to hear these people’s comments when they see what you are showing and come and chat to you on the stand whilst snapping away for their Instagram fix. We successfully launched our Sebastian Cox Kitchen at Clerkenwell 4 years ago and have created new and exciting show stands every time, so this year it was time for a change. Paul, deVOL’s owner and the driving force behind all the new and innovative things that come out of deVOL, is passionate about design and loves the fact that deVOL is becoming known not only for its beautiful kitchens but as a design house.

haberdashers kitchen

The Haberdasher’s Kitchen is inspired by the units found in haberdashery shops, I’m sure you will remember opening glass doors and sliding drawers, of row upon row of lift up oak cubbyholes full of ribbons and buttons, patterns and fabrics and soft balls of wool. These nostalgic memories are what have captured the hearts of the people who have seen this new kitchen, it has rekindled feelings and emotions. There are so many details about this kitchen that take it from a mere range of cupboards to an immaculately designed and handmade product. The metal work and all the carpentry is made here at Cotes Mill by some of the most experienced, talented people I have ever met. Their dedication to making a beautiful piece of furniture is so incredible to see. We all talk about and want to know the provenance of the things we buy, but this is more than that, it’s seeing genuinely caring people, working together to get all the pieces of the design to work perfectly, look beautiful, function with ease and last, because they are made from exceptional materials, by exceptional people.

haberdashers kitchen

I hope to see this kitchen in many photoshoots Tim and I do in the months and years to come, I will really enjoy seeing how people interpret these lovely cupboards in their homes, the way they style them, the properties they live in, it’s all so exciting for deVOL.

If you need any information about this new kitchen do get in touch at enquiries@devolkitchens.co.uk, we hope the display will be up at Cotes Mill in the next month or so, please come over and take a look and have a chat with our designers.

haberdashers kitchen

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