The Pink Pantaloon Co. Ltd

26th June 2015

By Paul OLeary

I started the Pink Pantaloon company by accident. We were designing some blast proof underwear for protection of a chaps vulnerable bits from IED’s and got distracted, veering off on some creative and fanciful trip.

The Pink Pantaloon Co

The PPco was the result and what a lot of fun it is. Helen and me love doing these underwear shoots, and the Mill is just the best place to do it. This time we invited our PR team up from our London office. Zoe is our PR manager and our model, Letty is a lifelong friend of hers and now helps with the PR across all the businesses; there are four now. I want Zoe and Letty to do their own photo shoots down in London and I hope they have one coming up with Rollagirls in Brighton soon too.
So this shoot was about showing Letty how we do it and letting her have a go. These photos are taken by all of us; I don’t even know who took which, because we were all snapping away with 3 different cameras.
Sometimes it’s not until you explain something that you realise just what it is that you do. I found myself explaining to Letty that the most important thing to do in a photoshoot with models who are going to strip off, especially the chap who arrived on a train and has to get stuck in straight away is to make them feel comfortable. You don’t say strip off, put these on and smile at the camera. That’s just too tough and his smile won’t be real. You will see his discomfort in his eyes and his mouth.
You have to get to a point where the new model thinks, ok I can do this, these are nice people and eventually…. this is actually good fun. I always try to make newcomers feel welcome and looked after, especially with new staff. I look at every expression and try and read their insecurities and find a way of reassuring them. I do it every day at work anyway, and as it turns out it is the most important skill in a photoshoot like this.
Everything that we will make and sell on the pinkpantaloon website will be made from the same fabric. It’s great, we only need one big roll of fabric, and it’s so lovely we will make everything from bandanas to doggy waistcoats. It’s an unusual USP but it might just get us noticed.

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