The Bum Stool (Counter Height)

Awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark in 2017 for excellence in British design.

The shape of this beautiful seat is not something that has been carefully designed to look a certain way; it is a shape that bodies – more specifically, bums – have formed naturally by simply sitting on slabs of wet clay. Right from the beginning we knew that we wanted to create a stool that was all about comfort and so, for most of the design process, we paid little attention to stylistic, material and production restrictions to avoid compromising our form in any way.

What we have ended up with is the most comfortable wooden stool that we have ever sat on! Unburdened by superficial constraints, the Bum Stool supports a healthy posture yet also remains a simple and visually stunning piece of furniture. Machined from high quality British elm and oak, the shape of the seat pan is perfectly complemented by the natural figure of the timber. The Bum Stool is available in two heights, counter (71.5cm) and table (52cm), and the seat pan measures approximately 38cm x 34.5cm.

Delivery in the UK
1 stool - £25
2 stools - £50
3-8 stools - £55


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