The St. John's Square Haberdashery

We have finally fitted our beautiful Haberdasher's display at our St. John's Square showroom up on the top floor of our townhouse this room was designed to feel like a private members club. The views out onto the square from this vantage point are impressive and we love the idea of sitting at the table watching the world go by with a cocktail and an old book.

The Haberdasher's furniture is so un-kitcheny yet so practical, impeccably made cupboards that work so cleverly with other styles of furniture. A mid-century design in the beginning has now become a top choice for people who have multifunctional living spaces. 

Everyone loves a moody late night bar, so imagine being able to create this atmosphere in your own home. The design all started with the curved wall by the cooker and the low windows, we needed to accentuate both these original features whilst still allowing room for all the necessary kitchen storage and appliances. 

A long island and a table are the places to admire the views, this meant the sink had to be on an interior wall, many may feel this is a compromise but that's what designing a kitchen is all about and in this instance the seating took priority. However, with a marble sink of this size, the tactile feel and opulence made the sacrifice hardly noticeable, in fact it is such a beautiful sink we don't need any other distractions!

The curved wall has bespoke shelves and a slender brass rail, giving this area a very special feel. The Bertazzoni cooker is such a pretty thing and intermingled with original fitted cupboards and lots of marble, this cooking area is one of our favorites. 

We love to design kitchens that give you more than just a kitchen, we want a lifestyle, we want atmosphere and we want to make the very best of each and every part of any room. Hanging out in this Haberdasher's Kitchen almost means you don't need to actually go out!

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