Emerald Green London Tiles

Handmade to order, lead time: 6-8 weeks
* We recommend an additional 10% for any off-cuts, damage or waste.
Includes three small tiles to show the range of tones. Please note that sample packs are non-returnable and cannot be refunded. One pack per customer.


Originally designed for our St John’s Square showroom in Clerkenwell, our unique glossy London Tiles are inspired by the traditional tiles of London tube stations and East End pub exteriors. Each tile is handmade in our ceramics studio.

Lead times are based on a quantity of 100 tiles, large orders may take longer.

perfectly imperfect, by deVOL

Our Emerald Green London Tiles were one of the first designs to come out of our little ceramics studio at Cotes Mill. Way back in 2016, Claire, our Ceramics Studio Manager, started work on a large tile display for the Classic English showroom kitchen at our St. John’s Square showroom in Clerkenwell. The inspiration for the look came from the exterior tile work around Clerkenwell, big green hued tiles, with a lovely gloss. It’s a traditional look for a public house and they are often used inside and out. We love old traditional East End Pubs, very down to earth yet beautifully and simply decorated, the perfect combination for our showroom and a key source of inspiration. The tiles were a labour of love and Claire worked so hard to achieve the perfect colour and range of tones. We really don’t think you can buy anything similar both in size and colour, maybe a few reclaimed ones might be around if you hunt. They look great and what was so important was that they didn’t look contrived or out of place, they have charm, authenticity and every single tile is handmade, so they are all a tiny bit different.