The Vineyard Table

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A round folding table, originally made and set up to allow the vineyard workers in southern France to enjoy an impromptu lunch wherever they were working.

We loved the notion of dining under a tree at the bottom of the garden, or picking the perfect spot to catch the evening sun with a glass of wine.

All too often we forget to enjoy outside spaces and really make the most of them, spring, summer and even autumn can be a joyful time to eat outside.

The real charm of this table is not just its practicality but its beauty and its ability to elevate a garden lunch into an elegant and stylish occasion, just a simple baguette and a bottle of wine becomes a perfect moment.

Inside or out, the round Vineyard Table is a joy to sit at and a new way to really appreciate every corner of your home, a little imagination and every meal can be a new experience.

Some simple assembly required, please see the guide below for details.