deVOL Aged Brass Café Curtain Rails

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Create an intimate corner, drape vintage lace in your window or simply add a touch of Parisian café culture to your home with our gloriously simple aged brass café curtain rails.

The rails measure 12mm in diameter and are available in several standard lengths. Each option includes a set number of brackets and clips, fabric not included.

2000mm and 3000mm rails are supplied in 1000mm sections, the joins are strengthened by internal connectors and are concealed by the brackets. Matching aged brass screws are included.

Product Specification

These rails are not suitable for heavy or lined curtains, they are for light window and door dressings. 

For a perfect fit, our rails can easily be cut to size by a confident tradesperson, if required.

café curtain rails, by deVOL

The café curtain is not only the prettiest of window coverings, but it is actually a very useful and authentic method of sectioning off a room, hiding a view or creating privacy. Find a window, find a delicate piece of sheer wispy fabric and attach one of our brass rails to create a vignette of beauty. 

We love these new rails and cannot stop thinking of the endless fabrics and places we can use them. You simply need a panel of fabric the size of the window, no double lengths and sums to do as in curtain making, this is instant satisfaction.

Our aged brass café curtain rails are all handmade in our metal studio. The mottled patina is created using completely natural ingredients like vinegar and sawdust. It's amazing to watch and the results are different every single time, meaning every rail is just that little bit special. Once aged, the rails are sealed with a thin coat of wax to protect the finish. The rails are secured to the wall with elegant round brackets which should be equally spaced to give the best support and hide any joins on the really long ones. The rails are all supplied with fancy little brass clips that allow you to hang up muslin, vintage cottons, antique lace or a simple crisp linen panel in a moment.