The Green Room, Bath

Total Cupboard Costs: £23,320

When a room is so beautifully proportioned it is always a pleasure to design a kitchen for the space. The Green Room was, however, full of compromises on first inspection with regards to placing furniture, these compromises are, as always, as much a blessing as a hindrance, and the trick is to find a layout that works for the space rather than trying to make the furniture fit the space. The doors, windows, fireplace and original panelling are all such impressive period features and although they restrict the placement of furniture, they are what makes this room so atmospheric.

The deVOL Heirloom sink cabinet and rather grand plate rack feel almost utilitarian with the addition of our Cream Subway Tiles, there is a simple elegance to these open pieces that doesn’t need any adornment. The Dairy Table is such a functional piece of furniture that also has an undeniable substance and beauty, you can almost feel the strength and usefulness of this piece just by looking at it. This kitchen is very simply furnished, yet it feels grand and elegant, but also hard-working, this combination is the absolute key to all deVOL furniture.

Old-fashioned colours add to the authenticity and feel of our 'Green Room' and the very minimal styling was a conscious decision. You will notice the Refectory Red internals of the fitted pantry, a little spark of colour that matches perfectly with Wilkes Green, the newest of our standard Shaker colours.

We hope you love this room as much as we do, the light through the original Georgian sash windows is something to behold at any time of the day, what a difference good light makes to a room. Come and see this charming display in person at our beautiful Bath showroom, you can find us here.