The Butler's Pantry

The prettiest, most charming of cupboards with endless opportunities for elegant storage.

This pantry would have been used by the butler, the head of the kitchen staff in a country house and the most well-paid member of the downstairs staff. A lockable cupboard, where he would keep important, confidential, or expensive items. Unlike other pantries, this cupboard has lots of different types of storage from neat shelves to brass hanging rails to deep drawers, which makes it perfect for pretty much any room in the house. A linen cupboard or a gardener’s cupboard would be very exciting, or perhaps an artist's store cupboard or a little child’s wardrobe.

When Robin and I first saw a cupboard like this at Shugborough Hall we were particularly smitten with the low step where the drawers are deeper than the top of the cupboard. This unique feature is what instantly delighted us and caught us imagining little children sitting on the impromptu seat or driving their toy cars along it. It is always these little quirks and daydreams that encourage us to introduce such a cupboard to our furniture range, because it is different, or because it has a little something that sets it apart.

For us, it is very important that our furniture is functional, beautifully made and well-proportioned, but it is especially important that it is handsome to look at and a joy to use. Each of these requirements is what makes a deVOL cupboard, like The Butler's Pantry, so special. It has history, and it has that certain something that you can’t always put your finger on but when you look at it, it makes you smile and makes you want to have one in your home.

The Butler's Pantry is made in the same way as our Classic English kitchen cupboards, with traditionally-crafted doors and fascias constructed from prime ‘rock maple' and solid oak drawers. We recommend keeping this cupboard as close to the dimensions of the one in the images as possible, then you can be certain it will not lose any of its charm and beautiful proportions.

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