The Sink Cabinet

from £1,260

The Heirloom sink cabinet is typical of the open style of Victorian kitchen furniture, providing a generous work surface and storage underneath. Our showroom cabinet has wide drawers and open storage on both sides of the sink, fronted by curtains hung from our brass café curtain rails, however it could also be designed to have more enclosed storage if required. This sink cabinet pairs perfectly with our new polished brass undermount sink and the beautifully simple Welsh slate worktop. 

Welsh slate was a popular choice for worktops in the Victorian period, being a local and readily available material that was a more hardwearing alternative to wood. These days slate has fallen out of favour and is in our view underused and something we are quite passionate about championing. It should not be looked at like other stones and instead almost viewed as a halfway house between timber and marble. Slate is very soft and, like our brass sinks, it will age and mark over time, and it will happen straight away, even during the fit. These materials build character and it is absolutely all part of the charm.

The slate is mined in Llangollen in North Wales, using low impact mining methods and has to be the most sustainable stone worktop available. It's a timeless material, more conveniently sourced than Carrara marble but with a higher price point. The slab sizes can be limited and the prices are similar to that of San Simone marble so it will not be for everyone, but honed black granites would be a suitable substitute for those who want a consistent bomb-proof surface.

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