Paint Colours

It's taken us 30 years to develop the perfect furniture paint to apply by hand. It's hard enough to withstand a knock but flexible enough to allow for movement of timber, it can be wiped down and is easy to touch up after any damage. Our Shaker colours have been developed over many years and now they're finally available to buy in tins. Trinity Blue, Clerkenwell Blue, Bond Street Blue, Refectory Red, Scullery Yellow and Bakehouse Green have all been specially reformulated for this new range, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to make slight adjustments to some colours to really bring out the best in them.
Princelet Pink
Refectory Red
Scullery Yellow
Wilkes Green
Bakehouse Green
Printer's Black
Trinity Blue
Clerkenwell Blue
Bond Street Blue
Pantry Blue

A very carefully chosen mix of paint colours that have the ability and ease to suit everyone. We have cool colours to suit modern and Scandi-style homes. We have traditional colours for period properties and those with a more traditional style and we have the dark, slightly more industrial colours, which everyone is loving at the moment. We understand colour and the importance of this part of your project, it is often the most exciting bit but also the most challenging for many people. We have picked colours that work well together or on their own, colours that match and contrast beautifully with our hardware and worktops and with our accessories. We don’t like things to match but we like a mix that sits comfortably with its surroundings, and we don’t want our customers to worry if things in our range will or won’t work together. You don’t need any more things to worry about when you are embarking on a big project, so just enjoy our selection and remember if you really can’t find one you like, we can mix you up a bespoke colour match for an additional cost.