The Amber Glaze Teapot

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Our beautiful new teapots are now cast with an earthenware slip before being carefully assembled and finished by hand in our studio.

perfectly imperfect, by deVOL

We never say no to a challenge, we get a buzz out of designing great products and the biggest buzz comes from experimenting with new materials and trying our hand at notoriously difficult things! Learning the design limitations and the most fascinating characteristics of a new material and a new method of production is what keeps us interested as designers and makers. A proper English kitchen needs a proper English teapot, but boy are these things tricky to master. Luckily, we have Claire and Ellie and the whole ceramics team raring to put in the hours and suffer the many failed experiments and disappointing firings. But, finally, after a few drippy spouts and kiln mishaps, we think our first deVOL teapot has turned out quite beautifully.