Round Heirloom Platters

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Our amazing new Heirloom Platters, each one has unique quirks and imperfections. We currently have very limited availability, stock will be added as soon as it is ready.

We wanted these platters to have a Mediterranean feel, but also feel vintagey and highly decorative, a look that may remind you of a holiday in Sicily perhaps, or a part of your childhood where big sharing plates were only brought out on very special occasions.

Antique white, indigo blue and sea green, these handmade platters are all a little bit different, being individual is always a little bit more special.

perfectly imperfect, by deVOL

A sharing plate or dish evokes an image of people gathering together around a table, the act of presenting and serving food can be so creative, people enjoy the visual feast, not only the food but the vessels that are used. Mismatched vintage crystal, hand embroidered linens and a coloured glass jug full of bright orange nasturtiums. Our platters have been designed to create sentimental memories, they are useful objects but also art and whether they are piled high with olive oil drenched spaghetti or a simple lemon they will serve as the backdrop to a lifetime of memorable moments.