A day at the Mill, Part 1: The first deVOL Ceramic Sinks

18th July 2016

By Zoe Parker

It’s always such a treat going back to work at Cotes Mill for the day, and every time I go I kind of forget just how special it is there. And maybe if you’ve never visited the Mill you might not realise how special it is either. So, last Friday I made sure to pack my camera and take lots of photos of all of the gorgeousness and all of the newness happening at the Mill to share with you in this blog.


The first thing I have to show you are our brand new deVOL Ceramic Sinks, made by Ed in our very own ceramics studio. You may remember Paul’s ‘wall of shame’ blog a little while ago… well after rather a lot of failed attempts and a lot of learning, Ed finally did it!


Ed has made four totally beautiful and totally unique sinks, some are slip cast, where the sink is set in a mould, and others are slab built, where the clay slabs are joined together before the sink is fired in the kiln. Each sink is different and so full of character and charm, their little quirks and imperfections are what make them so special.


What a lovely thing to do… pop into Cotes Mill and handpick your very own and completely unique sink. Whether you’re having one of our kitchens or not, a deVOL sink will make a seriously cool addition to any home.


I think my favourite bit is their beautiful crackled finish. These cracks actually appear naturally in the clay, it’s just what happens in the firing process, but typically they would be invisible. We loved the little cracks and lines and shapes though, and didn’t want them to be hidden away behind a perfect shiny white glaze. So Ed washed the sinks with a dark stain and then quickly wiped it off, revealing the most beautiful, organic finish.


We have totally fallen in love with our new sinks, and really hope you love the look of them too. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our sinks or would like some more information please do pop into the showroom, call us on 01509 261000 or email enquiries@devolkitchens.co.uk. Each sink varies slightly in size and are all priced between £350 and £450.

Next I went up to explore the showrooms and check out all of the lovely new antiques and gifts and homewares, but I don’t want this blog to be superrr long, so tomorrow I’ll post part 2, see you then!


Need any help?

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Need any help? Please email:

Cotes Mill - 01509 261000

St. John's Square - 020 3879 7900

Tysoe Street - 020 3837 5900

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