The Plate Rack

from £2,310

Painted, simple, available in bespoke sizes and just what we are all looking for but can never find.

We have spent the longest time agonising over plate racks, we love the idea and the usefulness, but we think some are a bit twee. We think they can look really elegant or a bit too cottage kitchen, so we were very careful to only offer one to our customers when we were really happy with it.

It’s for plates, not for mugs and keys and pots and letters and stuff!!! It has a deep cornice along the top and the rest is just well sized sections for platters, plates and shallow bowls, that are easy to get at and become a visual feast when they are laden with crockery and china. There is something supremely handy about having all your daily crockery just there right in front of you and easy to grab, similarly it is great to have a place to put them away so easily, no big heavy piles of plates to struggle with in cupboards anymore.

It is a big old beast of a thing and will be a substantial addition to your kitchen, so often a plate rack is a small pine piece that you add into your room at some point after the kitchen has been designed and fitted, but this is a statement and should be considered a fabulous addition to your kitchen and an opportunity to get all your flat crockery safely stored in one place.

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