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17th July 2017

By Robyn Dunsford

Designing a new kitchen is a big deal, it is probably the most important room in the house, so you’re going to want to make it a nice one. It can be tricky when deciding which kitchen company to go for, there’s so many out there and there’s so much to consider and you just want it to be simple and fun. I’ve come up with just 5 reasons as to why deVOL is a company worth looking at, in hope to make your decision a little easier.


First of all, deVOL offer a free design service, this is something we are really proud of! and it is where the magic begins. So, this requires you to visit one of our lovely showrooms for a design meeting, where you will chat through your ideas and leave with a full design and cost breakdown. Typically these meetings last around 2 or 3 hours, but you will be fuelled by lots of tea and biscuits. If in our Cotes Mill showroom , you will be able to explore our four floors of showroom for inspiration, and also have a chance to search through our antiques and accessories! Of course, if you can’t make it to either our Cotes mill or London showrooms, it is also a service we offer via email and phone calls. Our design team are super nice and always so happy to answer any questions you may have, and trust me, you’ll have questions.




One of the best things about a traditional styled kitchen is that they are timeless. So this style kitchen won’t look odd 5, even 10 years later, it will still appear as elegant and classic as the day it was fitted. Basically, your kitchen will look good forever. The word traditional can give the impression of old and boring, but our traditional kitchens have a way of becoming the most stunning contemporary kitchens I have seen, through clever design and good choices. Traditional style allows diversity in the kitchen by mixing old and new, you can create so many different feels and vibes in your kitchen from styling. Traditional style is warm and welcoming, and suits most or all housing types. They will be sure to last a life time, which brings me to reason number 3…





All of our kitchens are made just over the road from our Cotes Mill showroom, deVOL have been making kitchens for over 25 years now, and have gotten pretty good at it. High grade woods are used for the cabinets and door fascias, to ensure quality and longevity. Our lovely and highly experienced carpenters fix the cabinets together with secure mortise and tenon joints for a tight flush fit. There are different stations throughout the unit where the kitchen is assembled, painted and packaged up carefully ready for your delivery. The team in the workshop do a great job of working together to ensure the making of your kitchen is a smooth process, sticking to a schedule to ensure everything is ready in time.




So many of our lovely customers are searching for the perfect floor to suit their deVOL kitchen. Lucky for you, we actually have a sister company called Floors of Stone, you’re welcome.  So many people who visit Cotes Mill to look at kitchens didn’t realise we had a flooring company or vice versa! It’s kind of funny really. But anyway, a good point to make is that they sell some of the best priced stone floors in the UK! There will definitely be a perfect floor here for you and your kitchen. There are tons of different kinds of flooring, they offer free samples and can provide quotes too. It is crazy how much a floor can transform a room! The staff in Floors of Stone are also super nice and happy to answer any flooring queries you may have, just another reason to visit!


FoS_Tumbled Antiqued Ash Limestone_DSC_8139


Every element of a deVOL kitchen is as original as can be. There’s just something about them, every time I see a kitchen photo I will know whether it is deVOL or not. First of all, the paint colours! We have 12 Shaker paint colours. They are all locally mixed for us, it’s such a gorgeous range of neutral and natural bold colours, which look so good on the furniture, we were sure to pick the best ones. Stephanie has created 7 different finishes on our cup handles, which she has casted herself. Claire and Hannah from our ceramics studio are making green and pink metro style tiles, which would look so cool as a splashback! Obviously Claire has a range of kitchenware too! And Claire and Steph have also mastered the deVOL pendant lamp. Not too long ago we collaborated with Perrin and Rowe to get our aged brass finish on the Ionian and Mayan taps, again, these look sooo cool and are super popular. We have more recently collaborated with Shaws to sell our own deVOL sinks. Then if you didn’t already know, we have the perfect kitchen accessories, like the bumstool! probably the comfiest stool you’ll sit on.




We have such a lovely team here at deVOL, we will sort everything out for you, right from the first design meeting, all the way to the installation of your kitchen in hope that it is a fun and relaxing experience! I hope this short blog has given you some things to think about and as always, if you have any questions or would like to know opening times & how to find us, please click here.


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