Gucci launch a homeware collection and it’s beautiful

20th July 2017

By Zoe Parker

Gucci have announced the launch of their brand new homeware range, it’s called Gucci Décor and it’s very cool. Inspired by their Creative Director, Alessandro Michele’s signature animal motifs, wonderfully detailed floral patterns and bold bright use of colour, the collection is eclectic and extravagant and so very fabulous, everything you would expect and more from this iconic fashion house.

“The overall effect is one of a surprising, joyous combination of hue, pattern and design, where there are no rules.”  says Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at Gucci


It was these beautiful illustrations that I fell in love with before I even realised they were for the new Gucci range. Gucci commissioned artist Alex Merry to bring the collection to life in sketch, I’d never seen any of Alex’s work before, she is a folk artist from England who specialises in weird and wonderful portraits and they’re definitely worth checking out. I wonder if Gucci will make these prints available to buy as part of the range, imagine a wall covered in a hotchpotch of old antique frames filled with these, so pretty!


The Gucci Décor range includes ceramic teapots, chairs embellished with classic Gucci symbols, embroidered cushions, crockery, patterned wallpaper, silk screens featuring pineapples and sea creatures, incense trays, luxurious scented candles and plenty of appearances from members of the Gucci Garden. It’s different and kind of crazy and certainly not for everyone, but I love it, I’d like one of everything please!!!

“An eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces.”


Ok, maybe not one of everything!! In fact I’m quite content with admiring from afar – as you might have expected the prices are pretty (very!) high, with the cheapest items being the candles at £150 each, I can only imagine what the larger items might cost – maybe a house filled with Gucci homeware is off the cards for now, but a girl can dream, right!?


Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, is renowned for looking at modern fashion with a historical eye, he is an avid antiques collector, he loves art and his fashion designs for Gucci have a certain nostalgic romance that makes them really special. I read that a couple of years ago Alessandro was considering leaving fashion to pursue a career in interior design, so I guess this new collection really is the perfect crossover for him and a big nod to the fact that fashion and interiors can co-exist quite beautifully.


I suppose on paper, a collection embellished with cats, tigers, pineapples, bees, butterflies and snakes sounds garish and a bit over the top, but as Alessandro and Gucci always do, they’ve managed to keep it tasteful and stylish and so in keeping with their whimsical aesthetic. I can imagine a few of these pieces in our historical St. John’s Square showroom, I think they’d look quite at home amongst the vintage treasures and unusual finds that already fill the rooms of this London townhouse.

“The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customised.”


And if I had to pick a favourite from the collection I think I’d choose the cushions, all velvety and squishy with tassels and flowers and intricate embroidery, the colours are dreamy and they’d add a bit of boho glamour, luxury and fun to any room.



Anyway, I think that’s enough daydreaming for one day…


– The Gucci Décor range launches online and in stores this September

All images credited to Gucci and Alex Merry

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