A Green deVOL Dream in North London

26th May 2023

By Holly Bishop

I’m pretty sure I say this every time I write a blog about a deVOL project, but I think I’ve got a new favourite kitchen. It’s the perfect combination of fun, classic, refreshing and unique, it’s the kind of room you’d never grow tired of because it’s so well-designed and so bursting with personality.

What a vibrant take on our traditional Classic English furniture, I love this new kitchen.


Everything about it is just right. Firstly, it’s in Crouch End, an artsy enclave of North London with lots of pubs, independent shops, cafes and beautiful architecture. Now, I have been living in New York for the last three and a half years so I think I’m probably also just really missing London life, but doesn’t that sound perfect? If you need any more persuading, Crouch End was actually voted the best place to live in London this year in The Times, quite the achievement!

A really interesting mix of classic and contemporary in this North London kitchen.


Now on to the main event. The owners actually decided to relocate the kitchen when embarking on the renovation, originally this area was a second living room and the kitchen was a tiny galley-style space tucked off just to the left. What a clever idea to change things up and create a much larger and more sociable spot for this well-used room. The galley now functions as a hardworking utility, the perfect solution.

A full look at this inviting space, oh how I’d love to be pulling up a stool at the island and settling in for hours of fun.


Classic English cupboards were the choice here and what a good choice it was. We’ve been making this collection of furniture for over 30 years at deVOL, it’s inspired by Georgian Irish designs with grand proportions and traditional details and works especially well in older properties like this Victorian terrace. Each piece of furniture is designed to specific sizes and requirements depending on the room, and, as with every deVOL cupboard, it is all made in our workshops in Leicestershire, the way it’s always been.

The most beautiful and impressive food storage run, just think how organised this would keep you.


A Classic English kitchen can be painted in any colour, inside and out. We’re calling this happy hue ‘bean green’. It’s the kind of shade we used to see a lot more back in the early days of deVOL, over time it moved to creams and whites, then dark moody paints, but we’re pleased to see a resurgence for brighter options. They are uplifting and invigorating, I don’t think you could ever feel down in this kitchen, even on the dreariest Monday morning!

A peek inside this earthy green pantry was a must!


When you go for something a little more daring on the cupboards, you really need to be considerate with the rest of the colours in the space. That isn’t to say they can’t also be bold, it just means you have to think a little more carefully. The lime-wash walls could not be better here, the paint is by Bauwerk and is their ‘Sandstone’ finish, soft and subtle with just the right amount of warmth…

I have a feeling the clever use of colour here is going to inspire quite a few of our customers.


And how well do the colours work with the worktops?! Copper was the main choice here, it’s hand-aged and mottled to perfection in our metal studio in Loughborough and adds so much character to any kitchen. The owner decided to go all out with this glimmering metal and cover the whole back run, down into the sink and even up the walls as the cooker splashback. The only exception is the island which has been topped with oak, a traditional and lovely choice that ties in so well with the original floorboards.

The perfect use of textures, tones and materials.


Along with being utterly beautiful, it’s a super practical room too. Plenty of storage as well as ample space for prepping and entertaining loved ones. I like how one wall is dedicated to the tall cabinetry, housing the fridge freezer, the pantry and countertop cupboard storage, and the rest of the walls are free from tall pieces. It makes the vintage Indian open shelving unit even more special! The owner actually discovered it on eBay, what an amazing find, I can only imagine all the lovely things that’ll be displayed in it over this kitchen’s long life.

Washing up would never feel like a chore again with this wonderful set up.


The reeded glass in the countertop cupboards was another wise move, it’s always nice to add some glazing to break up all the cabinetry faces but opting for reeded means you don’t need to worry about everything being neat and tidy all the time. A big tick for any busy and hardworking room!

A kitchen that is both highly practical and highly beautiful in equal measure…


The final detail and one that feels extra special as the days are getting longer and warmer, the original doors leading straight out into the garden. Can you just imagine the summer parties in this London house, pottering to and fro from the kitchen to the garden with refills and delicious things to put on the bbq, sunny afternoons slowly turning into long evenings, it all just sounds so idyllic. This place is nearly too good to be true.

This Crouch End kitchen will just get better and better the more it is used and loved.


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