A little walk around Spitalfields’ most beautiful streets

30th April 2020

By Zoe Parker

Missing my family and my friends and my little desk at work but amongst all the not so great bits about this crazy situation we’re all in, there’s been plenty to smile about and feel grateful for too. I hope even if you’re having a few bad days, your happy days are far outweighing them. A little walk and some fresh air is the best remedy. I have so been enjoying exploring my part of London over the past few weeks, it’s something I never do, which is really bad I know!! especially as I have so much great stuff on my doorstep. I’ve been sharing my walks over on the deVOL Instagram story and each time I think to myself ‘I wonder if anybody actually finds this stuff interesting!!’, but everybody seemed to love this walk in particular and I’ve had lots of requests to do a blog so you can have all the photos in one place, so here goes… I really hope you enjoy it and I’ll try and keep my chitter chattering to a minimum!!

Just a ten minute walk from my home in East London is a little huddle of streets which I’ve seen all over Pinterest but have never actually walked in person, and they’re so close!

Three streets in London’s East End, all linked and all full of the most beautiful, incredible, totally perfect homes. Old townhouses, some crumbling and some perfectly pristine, delicious colours, original shutters and magnificent windows and doors and so much history.

First up and right off Brick Lane, about two thirds of the way up if you’re walking from Shoreditch, is Princelet Street. 

If the houses are this amazing from the outside, just imagine how fabulous the interiors are. Ahhh what I’d do to be allowed to have a little nosey inside. 

Who recognises this place!? This is for sure the one I have seen pop up most on my Pinterest and my Instagram… it’s not quite as pink as the photos online suggest but wow is it still beautiful. You can actually rent this place out for events and photoshoots and filming, it’s been used for many a TV show, most recently one of my all-time favourites, Luther with Idris Elba!

Its neighbour is dreamy too… that intricate stone detailing around the door and the proper sash windows, ugh I love it all.  

This place had the loveliest faded fabrics hanging up at the windows and internal shutters that dreams are made off. 

At the end of Princelet Street you’ll get to a T-section and find the equally beautiful Wilkes Street…

Have you ever seen a more perfect green?

And this colour combo, the bright pale blue with the deeper greeny grey and the plum windows. Inspired.

And at the end of Wilkes Street you’ll get to the best of all… Fournier Street.

This is just where I want to live when I grow up!!!

This yellow and green combo, and those little original white and blue tiles!! I choose my dream house and then I get to the next one and I want that too… can I have the whole street!?

These beautiful homes are all Georgian in style, they were built in the 18th century and many were occupied by master silk weavers and silk mercers as the upper floors were flooded with so much natural light.

These Georgian townhouses are mainly residential now. Selling for around £4,000 back in the sixties, now a home on Fournier Street would set you back more like £4 million!

Well, that’s enough dreaming for one day!! I hope you enjoyed this little walk as much as I did and don’t forget to follow along with our Instagram for updates and to see more of what we’ve been getting up to. 

Sending lots of love.

Zoë x