Cotes Mill life

19th February 2016

By Zoe Parker

It’s been a very exciting week at Cotes Mill, and although I’ve not been there to experience it all with my own eyes, it always makes me very happy when I receive an email or text filled with lovely images of all of the latest goings on… and I thought you might like to have a little look too.


This week we have seen the first snowdrops popping up and peeking through all over the grounds, a sign that brighter and sunnier and happier days are to come.

We’ve also welcomed five new and very pretty little additions to Cotes Mill, our beautiful Deer arrived yesterday afternoon and although a little shy and timid at first, they are now settling in and feeling nice and cosy and at home in their lovely big enclosure. There’s Nancy, who is a Doe and mother to the little ones, Namby and Pamby who are the little Doe Fawns, Bambi the Buck Fawn and Leon who is the older, wiser Buck. They are just perfect and everybody has fallen in love with them already.

We also welcomed our next big deVOL project to the Mill, an original and very rare 1957 truck all the way from dreamy California… any guesses as to what we’re going to be doing with this totally cool little thing!?


To keep up with everything that’s going on at Cotes Mill and to see all of our latest photos, don’t forget to follow our ‘Cotes Mill Life’ board on Pinterest, you can check it out here.



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