deVOL Collaborate with Quooker on Two Exclusive Brass Taps

29th July 2022

By Zoe Parker

We are very happy to tell you about our brand new collaboration with Quooker, on two beautiful boiling water taps in an exclusive brass finish.

Famous the world over for their innovative designs, Quooker is a quality brand that we have trusted and recommended to our customers for years and years. How exciting that they wanted us to put a deVOL twist on a couple of their classics!!

The ‘Fusion’ tap sitting pretty in our Cotes Mill Haberdashery


We chose to add our favourite brass finish to two of Quooker’s most popular styles; the ‘Nordic Instant Hot Tap’ and the ‘Fusion Mixer & Instant Hot Tap’. This exclusive, warm unlacquered brass will age gently and gracefully over time, gaining a unique and ever-changing patina that just gets better with use. It is also the perfect companion to our already iconic deVOL aged brass tap collection.

Here, we paired the ‘Nordic’ boiling water tap with our favourite deVOL aged brass Ionian style


The Quooker ‘Nordic‘ Instant Hot Tap is a lovely little thing that can be installed next to your existing kitchen tap, it has an adjustable height and is supplied with an instant boiling water system, featuring a 3-litre tank capacity.

This beautiful unlacquered brass finish is unlike anything Quooker currently offer


For those who like to keep things a little more minimal, or are a bit limited on space, the Quooker ‘Fusion‘ Mixer & Instant Hot Tap is perfect. It offers instant boiling water but also functions as a classic mixer tap with cold and warm water too, the best of both worlds in one sleek design.

Both unlacquered brass Quooker taps are now available to purchase exclusively from deVOL


Here at deVOL we take a very simple approach to gadgets and gizmos, try to avoid too many and be very selective with our choices. There are gadgets out there that promise to make your life easier and not many end up delivering! But a Quooker is one gadget we think is worth investing in; boiling water at the touch of a button and the option to make it sparkling too with the addition of a little thing called a Quooker ‘Cube’.

Supremely function, totally beautiful – we are so proud of this new collection


Imagine being able to make a mug of tea instantly or a huge pan of pasta without waiting for the kettle to boil, blanch your vegetables or peel your tomatoes in a trice, it’s a genius product. These things save time and money, they’re discreet too, the tap is connected to a small tank hidden inside a base cupboard or sink cabinet, it heats the water electrically to keep it at a constant 110°C. The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is flowing out of the tap, fresh water immediately flows back into the tank! It gets top marks from us, especially in a finish as beautiful as our new unlacquered brass.

The new ‘Nordic’ instant boiling water tap paired with our existing mixer in the Millhouse


A luxury, yes, but we think this is one gizmo that is really worth considering, it will actually make a difference to you every single day. Not a whim or an unnecessary splurge, but a real solution that doesn’t have any impact on the look of a kitchen but has maximum impact on daily chores.


– The Quooker Nordic Instant Hot Tap is priced at £1,250, see more on our shop here.

– The Quooker Fusion Mixer & Instant Hot Tap is priced at £1,450, see more on our shop here.

– Both compatible with Quooker’s ‘Cube‘, which can also be purchased through deVOL, but will be dispatched by Quooker.

– Now available to our customers in the UK. If you’re in Europe, please check that the Quooker system is compatible with your plumbing prior to ordering.