deVOL directory: The Peckham Rye Kitchen

4th July 2016

By Zoe Parker

Definitely the most striking and dramatic deVOL Kitchen we have ever been to photograph, The Peckham Rye Kitchen is a crazy cool room full of quirky stuff and I’ve fallen completely in love with it. These customers had some serious style, so I wasn’t surprised when we had lots and lots of comments and questions asking all about this room when we posted the photos up on our social media pages. The balance of eccentricity and style is so spot on, the room exudes class and personality and charm, it’s totally atmospheric and it tells a story too… I love that. So, I thought it was about time for a little deVOL directory.

The lovely cupboards are from our Classic English range, and here’s a little info on the rest…



1. Built-in ‘E Series’ contemporary double oven by Sub-Zero Wolf



2. A cross between emerald and racing green, the paint colour was made bespoke for the customer



3. deVOL’s  ‘Bella Brass’ door furniture (only available to purchase as part of a deVOL Kitchen)



4. Beautiful original vintage wall lights from Retrouvius. The pendant lights above the table were actually made by the customer from old cloches and a bespoke metal frame made to their design!



5. A 120cm Lab built-in hob by Barazzar



6. Distressed wooden roof cladding from Bert & May



7. deVOL’s ‘Aged Brass’ taps by Perrin & Rowe in the ‘Ionian’ style

For ordering info please call our Cotes Mill showrooms on 01509 261000 or email

deVOL Aged Brass Ionian Taps

8. Hand Aged Antique Tudor Oak flooring by Bert & May



9. Beautiful polished Arabascato marble worktops (sourced by the customer) 


And that’s everything… I hope this directory has answered lots of your questions and reminded you that it’s totally ok to take risks with your interiors, stick to your guns and if you want to do it then do it. Originality is the coolest thing out there, and just because you haven’t already seen something all over your Instagram or Pinterest pages, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just go for it, make your own cool.


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