deVOL Folk: Katie’s Story

24th April 2017

By Collette Black

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of our deVOL Folk blogs so I thought it was about time I introduced you to another one of our lovely team members, and who better to start with than our incredible Head Kitchen Designer, Katie…

Ben & Katie, Croyde Beach North Devon

Katie with her husband (and our amazing Workshop Manager) Ben

K A T I E    C R E E D

H E A D    K I T C H E N    D E S I G N E R

If you’ve ever tried to find something out at deVOL, chances are Katie’s probably been involved. Her invaluable knowledge, enviable organisation skills, flair for design and sheer loveliness make her the perfect person to head up our kitchen design team and an absolute joy to work with. Katie oversees all of the new projects that come into Cotes Mill and works closely with our talented group of designers to help create the very best and most practical designs for our customers. Over the years she’s also designed some of our absolute favourite projects and has most recently been working on our beautiful new Millhouse showroom, an exciting different take on the classic Shaker kitchen. 

Stockholm Design Museum

Katie at Stockholm Design Museum 

Why do you love being a Kitchen Designer?

It’s great being a designer, and I love telling people that that’s what I am. It’s never boring as no two projects are ever the same and I still find it fascinating chatting through different ideas with our design team. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between a totally practical kitchen and a beautiful space to live in.

What’s the best thing about working at our Cotes Mill showrooms?

I love pretty much everything. Anyone who has visited the Mill will know just how beautiful it really is, the grounds, the furniture, the animals, and I know it sounds cheesy, but the people definitely make the place and we do have a really great bunch of guys and girls here.


Katie with her friends in Liverpool

Like many of our customers you’re currently in the midst of doing up your own house, what style are you going for?

Yes, we’ve taken on quite the project! Ben and myself have similar taste when it comes to interiors and we’re happy to experiment and be bold. There’s so much work to be done, but the bones of the house are in great shape. We’re trying to sympathise with how the house would once have looked, using the original paint colours that we’ve found under layers and layers (and layers!) of old wallpaper as well as restoring picture rails, skirting and fireplaces. So I guess we’re going for a typical Georgian style. I’ll definitely share some pictures when it’s all done!

What’s been the most challenging and the most rewarding part of the process?

It sounds odd, but I would say the most challenging and rewarding part has been the time it takes to get things done! We like to get stuck in but sometimes you just underestimate how long, what seems like a simple task, can take to get done! But we’ve realised that sometimes the longer the process takes, the more time our ideas have to evolve and the more we appreciate the end result.

Saunton Sands Beach

Katie on Saunton Sands Beach in Devon

You originally studied print and embroidery, do you still make things in your spare time?

I love sewing – If you see me wearing a bag, chances are I’ve made it. I like making quick, simple and unique items, things that don’t need to be pristine and can be made in the afternoon and worn the same evening. My time for crafting is limited at the moment, but I do have a little sketchbook crammed with all of the pretty things I can’t wait to get started on!

Stockholm Underground

Katie in Stockholm’s underground station

You’ve been on some amazing trips! Where’s the best place that you’ve visited?

Oh that’s a hard one! I love travelling and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some really great places. A couple of years ago I travelled the West Coast of America, starting at LA, up to Vancouver, Whistler and back down to Seattle. Portland, Oregon was my favourite stop along the way. The eco-city itself, with its many bridges, was really exciting but it was exploring all of the cool and quirky suburbs that I enjoyed the most. A definite recommendation to anyone who loves music, hipsters and coffee!

Stockholm and Berlin were also great places to visit. I love turning up in a new city with just 2 or 3 days to cram everything in – it normally takes the whole weekend to figure out how to use their transport – but it’s always worth it! Marrakesh and New Zealand are next on my to-do list!


Katie exploring Whistler, Canada

You can find Katie at our wonderful Cotes Mill showrooms in Leicestershire. To get in touch with her or one of our other designers about your project, please do give us a call on 01509 261000 or send an email to For more information about what we’ll need to start working on your project, check out our Design Service page here.

If you follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter or if you have one of our beautiful brochures, you’ve probably seen some of Katie’s amazing designs, but what better way to round off this blog than by sharing some of our favourites?! Simply click on the project name to see more.

The Bath Shaker Kitchen 

Shaker_Bath _DSC4006 - blog

The Kew, London Kitchen

deVOL_Kew_Shaker 6 - blog

The Hampton Court Kitchen

deVOL-Thames-Kitchen-138 - blog

The Guildford Dairy Kitchen

Classic-Dairy-DSC_4958 - blog

The Millhouse Kitchen

Millhouse -DSC_9291-HDR - blog