deVOL’s Pot Hanger

22nd September 2022

By Holly Bishop

Introducing the Pot Hanger, an understated design that is sure to add both beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

The deVOL Pot Hanger over an Esse, a match made in heaven.


We have wanted to add a pot hanger to our collection of handmade accessories for a very long time, years in fact! We’d never committed to a design because none had ever been quite right. It’s easy to come across a pot hanger that is a little lacklustre, often super contemporary or just too twiddly.

Simple, strong, designed to last a lifetime.


Our blacksmith, Alun, joined the Cotes Mill team in the summer of 2020 and we were instantly wowed by his ability to turn a lump of steel into the most functional of products. The strength of this metal and its rustic beauty made every accessory feel instantly so sturdy and so classic. Each piece looked as if it had been created years in the past, not a mere few moments ago.

Alun, our wonderful blacksmith, in his forge at Cotes Mill.


We knew this material and method was perfect. Our Pot Hanger would be traditional and strong and quiet in its beauty. It was really exciting to realise we would finally be able to offer our customers an accessory we had loved for such a long time and one that is so notoriously difficult to source!

You can hang all sorts of pots and pans on this pot hanger, but copper will always be our favourite choice.


Each and every Pot Hanger is handmade to order in our very own forge at Cotes Mill. This showroom is an old 16th-century water mill on the banks of the River Soar, so Alun actually shapes the oval pot hanger by turning the hot metal around one of the original mill wheels. It’s all in the details, isn’t it?

Authentically crafted, one of our old mill wheels is used to form the classic oval shape of the hanger.


We use traditional blackened steel which is then dipped in beeswax and finished with hand-forged hooks of varying lengths. It’s understated, not designed to steal the limelight but rather, hold up the heaviest of pots and pans in a classic way and save you a little bit more cupboard space… and look lovely too, of course, but in a subtle way.

Every Pot Hanger is designed and made right here at Cotes Mill in Leicestershire.


A pot hanger seems quite a traditional accessory but we promise it isn’t limited to just countryside kitchens. We see this piece looking the part over islands and range cookers in all kinds of homes, all over the world. The design is about as simple as you can get, but so carefully considered in its craftsmanship. Good design never goes out of style.


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