8th June 2023

By Lydia Winkfield

I’ve been working at deVOL for more than two years now, but what with lockdowns, tv shows, book releases and design festivals, I’ve only just had a chance to make a trip up to our home at Cotes Mill. As you’d expect, it’s full of the most beautiful kitchens, but there’s so much more to explore than stunning cabinetry… So today I thought I’d give you the low-down on all the surprising things you can find at Cotes Mill.



Perhaps the best kept secret at Cotes Mill is the treasure trove of antiques. We always recommend our customers mix vintage pieces in with their kitchen, it’s the best way to bring a sense of history and character to your home, and it can be very cost effective too. So with this in mind, every few months our founders, Helen and Paul, grab a van and head to Newark Antiques Fair. It’s the largest event of its kind in the whole of Europe and it’s the place to go if you’re passionate about old and quirky things. They wander around picking out unusual ceramics, Afghan rugs and old dressers, then bring them back to Cotes Mill and pile them high in the antiques basement for all our lovely deVOL customers to buy. It’s become a bit of a rabbit warren of vintage gems collected over the years, and I’m always a little surprised that many of our customers don’t realise that it exists!

Walk through our garden room and you’ll find the door to the antiques cellar


If you’re one of those people, there are bits and bobs scattered throughout all our kitchen showrooms, but the largest collection is down in the antiques cellar. You’re always welcome to come in to rummage around the antiques, you don’t need an appointment and there are lots of our lovely showroom staff about the place who can show you where the cellar is and make you cups of tea while you shop. If you’re lucky enough to have had a browse through our antiques before, do remember that they change on an almost monthly basis, so there’s always something new to see, whether it’s a French armoire, a chippy pantry cupboard, or even a vintage doll’s house.

The antiques cellar at Cotes Mill

Squishy armchairs and rather grand plant pots, you never know what you’ll find down here!



Where else can you come and design your dream kitchen and pick up unusual gifts and cards worlds away from the high street? Just walk around Cotes Mill and you’ll spot an abundance of quirky knickknacks… There are candles galore, spindly sticks for glamorous dinner parties, chunky pillars to make your sitting room cosy, and of course our own deVOL scented candles. You can find piles of organic soap and luxurious creams from Priddy Essentials, there are always plenty of accessories from Falcon Enamelware, and if you’re lucky, a pretty linen apron from Thornback and Peel. Once you’ve filled your basket with cards, packets of seeds, and interesting recipe books, we’ve even got wrapping paper for you to package them all up in.

These types of things change with the seasons, but there’s always something that makes the perfect present for friends and family, or a little treat for yourself! I’m itching to go back to Cotes Mill at Christmas so I can nab a few glass baubles, Helen always manages to curate the most beautiful selection.

All the best scents, organic soap, and a few deVOL candles too

Cards and curios…



This last one might be my favourite, and it’s a real hidden gem, it is secret after all! Cotes Mill is set in the middle of the Leicestershire countryside, which means we are lucky to have the most incredible grounds. Last summer our ever creative directors decided to transform a woody enclosure into a Moorish-inspired secret garden. A meandering path leads you past mossy lions peering out from behind twisted trunks, and in the very centre is a Moroccan style pond with a tinkling fountain. It’s magical and a little fantastical and a real oasis of calm.

The entrance to the Secret Garden, marked by a pair of vintage Indian doors

A Moroccan inspired pool with a bespoke fountain made for us by our friends at Carvero Stone


In my opinion, the very best part has to be the rotating summer house. It seems like it could be an authentic vintage structure, but in actual fact, it was built by our team here at Cotes Mill. Our founder, Paul, had seen a similar summer house in his childhood and has dreamt of making his own ever since, so he and Helen tracked down the perfect antique doors and rails, and then the team set about bringing Paul’s vision to life. The final result is an eccentric, playful escape, and the best place to spend a sunny lunch break.

Paul’s rotating summer house


Well, after writing this blog I’m now desperate to get back to Cotes Mill! Remember, you don’t need to be in the market for a new kitchen to visit. It’s an incredible place and a wonderful day out too. You can bring your kids, your dogs, we’ve got a big car park, it’s easy peasy!

If I’ve convinced you to come and experience these hidden gems for yourself, Cotes Mill is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. You can find the full address and details here.