I saw the angel in the Marble and carved until I set him free – Michaelangelo

23rd January 2018

By Helen Parker


deVOLs Classic English sink cabinet in the Mill House showroom, opening soon.

deVOLs Classic English sink cabinet in the Mill House showroom, opening soon.

It’s been a long time coming, something we have yearned to sell for years and finally it’s happened. We have our own range of Marble Sinks and they really are very nice indeed. Carrara Marble is such a beautiful natural stone, its smooth finish feels cold and expensive. I’m rather fond of anything Mediterranean and these sinks make me think of beautiful old crumbling Tuscan farmhouses and Michaelangelo. I can just imagine a big, cool dark kitchen with terracotta tiled floors and a huge marble sink with old brass taps. The kitchen will have been like this for decades, people in the Mediterranean don’t update their homes in the same way as we do and that’s the beauty of things like marble sinks, they just get better and more beautiful the older they are. Imagine having the same kitchen as you had when you were born or when your parents were born, it seems really unlikely doesn’t it? Yet in Italy and Greece and all over Europe you stay in old houses or visit old restaurants and peoples homes and things have been the same forever. I absolutely love this and so wish I could live in such a home, but sadly I don’t. However, we can help to bring some of these beautiful things to you so you can have a little piece of history in your home, something that will last forever. I can’t take much credit for anything other than the desire and the love of these things that have beauty and longevity, but after some searching we have people making them exclusively for us in Carrara, Italy.

A solid block of Carrara marble is used to make these beautiful sinks. The taps are Perrin and Rowe, in deVOLs aged brass finish exclusive to us.

A solid block of Carrara marble is used to make these beautiful sinks. The taps are Perrin and Rowe, in deVOLs aged brass finish exclusive to us.

Now we all know ‘Carrara Marble’ has its fans and its doubters, understandably people are reluctant to buy things that they feel may not stand up to the job, so I want to give you information that may help you decide if Carrara Marble is for you. Firstly, the reason these sinks are still in all these Mediterranean homes is because they are strong, hard-wearing and just keep getting better the older they are. Now, everyone is different and also the style of your homes and your requirements, desires and expectations are different. Some people like everything to be just so, they like glistening and shiny and easy to care for surfaces that never change and need no special care or attention, just spill things on them and wipe them clean. Now that seems pretty sensible to me, but on the other hand, I do like things with soul, things that change and age and get better, rather than things that get tired, tatty or just go out of fashion.

Glossy hardwood worktops work perfectly withe the marble sinks, a lovely rich contrast and a timeless look

Glossy hardwood worktops work perfectly with the marble sinks, a lovely rich contrast and a timeless look.

Carrara marble is natural, it is quite a soft stone and it is pale in colour, it is regarded by many to be the most beautiful, desirable and expensive stone in the world and has been mined in Italy since the 17th century. Carrara marble has been used to build many of the world’s most iconic buildings and statues from Rome all through India and Europe and into America, yet people still worry it may not be suitable for a sink or worktop!

The truth is, it will scratch and stain over time, you may get etching which is rough marks from leaving such things as lemons on the surface, but generally they clean off and in time the whole surface just seems to settle in. A new kitchen is exciting and if you find a small mark on an expensive worktop or sink then you are likely to panic and feel the whole room is ruined, but in reality it’s just one of many little things that will happen to all the rooms in your house, everything has a bit of wear and tear over time. The good news with Carrara marble is that it seems to get easier and more beautiful as you carry on using it, it seems – or maybe you seem, to understand the stone and appreciate its qualities rather than just its foibles.

For information on our Marble Sinks then please go to the sinks and taps section of our website HERE. The worktops, handmade cup handles and the new little pendant hanging above the sink cabinet in the above images are all available from deVOL, these products are all exclusive to deVOL and work in conjunction with our cupboards to make the most unique and amazing kitchens. Do get in touch if you have any questions enquiries@devolkitchens.co.uk or helen@devolkitchens.co.uk


The more the marble wastes, the more the statue grows – Michaelangelo


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