Isn’t life funny…

30th July 2015

By Zoe Parker

This time last year we never imagined that we would be here working together at deVOL… but here we are, and it’s so much fun.

Letty joined the deVOL team at our London showroom a couple of months ago,  she helps me out with all of the PR here, she’s amazing and together I think we make a pretty great team. But it’s crazy because I haven’t known Letty for just a couple of months, I have known her forever! Well, not quite forever, but it has been 15 years, which is about three quarters of my life, so that counts as forever to me.

I can’t really remember that much from being young, but I can remember  so well the day Letty and I became friends… It was the day of the millennium, I was 5 years old and we were going to a fancy dress party with my aunty and uncle at one of their friend’s houses. I was crazy about the Spice Girls at the time, I think I watched the Spice Girls movie ‘Spice World’ at least once a day and my absolute favourite was Baby Spice, so of course I had to dress up as her for the party!

You’re not going to be believe me, but I promise this is true! We walked into the party and straight away I spotted another little girl across the room, I was super happy when I realised I had someone to play with, but it got a million times better when I realised what this little girl had dressed up as….  she was Sporty Spice!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! It was meant to be!! We were both so excited and we spent the whole night playing together…. and from that moment on Letty and I were the bestest of friends.

Here’s us on the night we met! How cute!? This pictures makes me laugh every time I see it… Letty is on the left and I’m on the right.


Letty lived in Macclesfield and I lived in Loughborough so we didn’t get to see each other that much. My aunty and uncle and Letty’s parents have been best friends since they went to uni together, so whenever there was any kind of event or party or celebration it meant me and Letty would get to see each other…. And if I knew Letty wasn’t going to be there, I probably would have refused to go!!

We always got to spend New Years together, it was the thing I looked forward to most out of the whole year (well, maybe after Christmas, and my birthday!) My aunty Christine always arranged the most amazing New Years celebrations for us, Letty and I would not leave each others side the whole time, we did everything together and we had so so so much fun. I idolised Letty so much, I thought she was the most amazing person in the world and everything she did I wanted to do too!

One of my favourite memories was when we all went on a big holiday to Italy with lots of family and lots friends. My aunty is the best organiser in the world and she always plans the best holidays, but this one has to be one of my faves. We stayed in a very beautiful and very big Italian house and had two weeks of total fun. Letty and I and our other friend Tess spent the whole holiday together, it was the best.

I love these photos so much!!! There’s me in the middle, with Tess on the left and Letty on the right.


And here’s the whole gang, Me, my brother Max, Letty and her sister Hannah, and Tess with her little brother Charlie.


Ok, the pictures stop being cute from now on! And I could honestly sit here all day talking about all of the fun times Letty and I have had and all the amazing places we have been… but I don’t want to bore you all so I’ll just share a few more of my faves.

As well as the best New Year’s celebrations, I am also so so so lucky that my aunty and uncle take my brother and I skiing every year. It would always be my aunty and uncle, me and my brother, Hannah and Letty and their parents too. The best holidays with the best people.


Playing our favourite card game ‘Slam’, if you’ve never played before you’re missing out big time!



And here’s us doing what we do best… sliding down the stairs on a blow up mattress! This is about 8 years ago, my mum arranged the most incredible party for my aunty’s 50th Birthday…




And Letty took me to my first ever music festival! Leeds Festival 2009…


And we enjoyed a once in a lifetime holiday in Iceland together, all thanks to my amazing aunty and uncle…

Skidooing over a glacier…


Probably the most incredible, beautiful, breathtaking place I’ve ever been. The Blue Lagoon…



If you’d have told the 12 year old me that when I was 21 I would be living and working in London with Letty, I would no way have believed it… but I would have so wished it would come true. And here we are! We are still the best of friends and we’re so lucky that we get to work with each other every day. Here’s to making lots more memories!


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