Photographing Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey’s beautiful kitchen has been the highlight of my busy Summer.

21st July 2017

By Helen Parker


Well I’ve not done a blog for ages then I remembered I had written a post about my little visit to Portugal so I posted it today then I got the urge to tell you of my other Summer thoughts. You write a blog hoping someone will read it, then you have to remember it’s got to be interesting, not just to me but to other people outside of deVOL. Well my most exciting trip this summer has been to visit Pearl Lowe and her husband Danny Goffey to photograph their kitchen with Tim. What a lovely experience it was, firstly going to Frome where they live was a treat, close to Glastonbury this area really is full of smart places and cool places and a little bit like London with loads of fields and fresh air and space.


We arrived at Pearl and Danny’s house and it was the most beautiful rambling fairytale of a house, turrets and arched windows, soft pale stone walls, trailing roses around the doors and swathes of garden just wild enough to feel secret and intriguing.

We were very pleased, actually we were delighted!! that they chose to have a deVOL Kitchen. Pearl is so well known for her effortlessly cool style, a look which everyone who’s anyone wants to emulate or get Pearl to do it for them. She’s a properly lovely lady, busy as a bee doing such exciting projects but she still found the time to chat and show us around her home. She has had many beautiful homes in London and Somerset, many featured in national newspapers and magazines and you can see why. It’s not a look that is easily copied because it is so unique and has evolved through many years of collecting the most amazing pieces of art, furniture and fabrics to fill her home. Pearl and Danny have only been in their home a few months but it feels like they’ve been there forever, each room is perfect, little vignettes in every corner that are worthy of a beautiful photograph.


Pearl sent us images of her kitchen as it was being done, but when we actually walked into the room we were struck by the scale of it. High ceilings, big windows and doors and a view of nothing but fields and flowers and beautiful iron gates and fences. The room used to be a dining room, seems so strange that in such a grand house the kitchen would have been so tiny. The change is seamless and so is the way our cupboards fit into this room so easily. Pearl had seen an old haberdashery style counter and she based her island on this image, so we made her glass fronted base cupboards. We haven’t done it before and it worked really well, allowing her to show off her beautiful china, in fact we love it so much we would like to add it to our Shaker catalogue, allowing everyone to get a bit of Pearl Lowe style into their home.


The wall cupboards are from our Classic English range and they are just a bit more substantial and bespoke, the space is big and it needs a cupboard that is specially made for the space. Our Classic and Shaker furniture blend together really nicely. If you need a bespoke special piece go for Classic English, if you need a simple easy piece go for Shaker, it’s how we have done our St John’s Square showroom and it’s the perfect combination for people with larger kitchens and period details that need a little extra consideration.


You can see from the pictures Pearl and Danny have lots of personal things around their home, they have a big family with 4 children all no doubt in and out of this kitchen constantly, the doors open onto the garden and you just know this is a party home too. What a cool place to grow up, your Dad is a famous rock star and your Mum is a style icon, but out of the public eye they are just lovely people making a wonderful place to bring up their family and entertain their friends, we can only imagine all the people who will get to see our kitchen!!!


Thanks Pearl and Danny, your kitchen has without doubt been one of the most talked about, inspiring and absolutely most fantastic kitchens we have ever photographed.

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