Kitchen trends 2018

17th January 2018

By Robyn Dunsford

It’s strange to think that a few decades ago, kitchens were a small room in the back of the house meant purely for cooking and cleaning. Now, kitchens are the most important room, often in the centre of the house and the social meeting point for friends and family. It’s where you start the day with breakfast and end the day with dinner. It’s the room everyone wants to see, and often a deciding factor when buying a house. It needs to be functional but it always needs to look nice. I’ve been having a little think of trends we have seen in 2017 that I think will be an even bigger hit this year.

This year it is all about colour, so let’s start with that.  I am genuinely pleased that dark colours in the kitchen are now definitely a thing. In 2017 so many people took the risk and went dark, and the results always proved worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice white kitchen, but dark kitchens are so captivating. Of course there is a lot to consider, lighting, space, other materials, it won’t work in every room so you definitely need a good think about it. The colour you decide on ultimately should reflect the overall feel you’d like to achieve in a space. Dark toned kitchens can add richness and formality to a room, even an ambience of homeliness. Some of our dark kitchen projects have worked so well and I know they’ve been a huge hit with our customers. Go dark!!


Sometimes people don’t have the right space for dark colours, or they’re trying to achieve a different feel to the space. Other colour schemes that we’ve been loving recently are pale, softer colours, like light greys or greens. Complementary colour schemes are calming, light green is a majorly calming colour and pairs perfectly with wood. Rachel Khoo’s kitchen below is proof of that! Pops of bold/vibrant colours are also a popular design we have seen recently. Contrasting and bold colours schemes can be energising, even atmospheric. It’s a good way to inject some fun into your kitchen, I love how a red AGA in a row of neutral cabinets, or a crazy splashback in a bright space can feel really stylish. Having a focal point can tie your design together, it just shows one little decision can create a lot of impact. Don’t let that scare you though.


This one shouldn’t be surprising; aged brass. Aged brass hardware has an amazing way of blessing every kitchen it comes into contact with. Regardless of colour, the aged brass has a way of tying the whole room together into a totally dreamy space. Aged brass works really well with steel appliances too, so don’t let that put you off.. Oh and let’s not forget about the tap. We sell our Ionian and Mayan aged brass taps, I feel like they are almost iconic, they’re the perfect addition to any kitchen. They have this ability where they look good in any kitchen, ever made, ever. Have you ever thought about how important a kitchen tap really is? You will most likely use that tap every day. It’s the tap everyone will notice and appreciate when you invite them over, providing it is aged brass and beautiful. Aged brass hardware looks really effective, dotted around and decorating the cabinets, it adds sophistication, almost a luxurious feel to the furniture and overall space.


Something else I have noticed that is becoming increasingly popular, is copper, particularly the patina affects it can have. Copper worktops and sinks have a sense of age and use, immediately adding lots of character to a space. As well as this, copper has a way of warming the interior of a space due to its shiny/bronzey look. It can be a way to alleviate the darkness of a dark kitchen, or a way to liven up and add interest to a white kitchen. A few of our customers have opted for copper splashbacks, a really cool way to incorporate different materials and colours to a space. We shouldn’t forget that copper also has really good antimicrobial properties, making the kitchen an ideal place to use it. It is also the most eco-friendly worktop material possible as it is 100% recyclable! We have a couple of copper worktops on display at the Mill and they always get loads of attention, I suppose they’re a little bit unusual and interesting, but pleasant and people are drawn to that.

Copper Sink


What started off as a practical and efficient workspace is now a real theme, Industrial. This style is all about combing materials and textural beauty. Exposed brick is certainly a favourite when trying to achieve this look, it creates a rustic vibe and a nice punch of colour too. The use of concrete for flooring and worktops is another good option to consider, they’re solid and smooth, kind of cool looking. Even ventilation units can become a prime feature too when creating the ‘Industrial’ theme and of course the increasingly popular Crittall windows. There is no denying the impact Crittall windows have on a space, they completely open it up making it feel like a big warm urban greenhouse.



Another theme I think is on the rise is Urban Rustic. This is what we decided to describe the Sebastian Cox kitchen as because that’s what it felt like . This kitchen range is very earthy and natural, it’s all about the grainy timber and simple but fine craft. The cabinets have a bit of a rugged texture, it’s nothing fancy or extra, it is light and airy, simple, just how we like it. What I really love about the Sebastian Cox Kitchen is how versatile this style is when it comes to worktops. Combining the timber cabinets with a cool Carrara marble worktop makes the kitchen feel understated but quite smart, refined. Whereas, if you were going for more of a country look, wooden worktops would contribute to the rustic/relaxed feel.




I love all of the trends I’ve listed in this blog. It kind of stresses me out a little because there are so many cool themes to go with and how are you meant to decide, why are there so many things to consider and why can’t you just have a space which combines all of these things. I suppose the most important thing to consider in kitchen design is the overall look you’d like to achieve, what you’d like to think or feel each time you walk into your kitchen. If you’re Pinterest obsessed (like me) you might already have a good idea of what you’d like to achieve but you don’t know where to start. These things definitely don’t happen overnight and some of our customers have had to be super patient when finding what works for their space, trying to get planning permission or undergoing a renovation, but it is always worth it in the end. If you are thinking of starting a kitchen project this year, feel free to send us an email to and get involved in our free design service, after all we are here to help.

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