Scented Candles by deVOL

2nd August 2022

By Zoe Parker

Isn’t there just something quite addictive about having scented candles? Once you find a smell that is not too harsh or overpowering but wafts delicately through your home in a subtle yet obvious way, it is hard to kick the habit…

deVOL candles are available in three different sizes and seven delightful scents


There are so many candles out there and the prices vary dramatically so it can be tricky if, like us, you just can’t stop buying candles!!! Well, we have produced a lovely collection of deVOL candles that are well made, burn neatly and give off a wonderfully natural scent, but they are not prohibitively expensive which means you can have them burning whenever you fancy, a luxury we know, but so beautifully uplifting. A dimly lit kitchen and a table filled with flowers and candles and people you love, there’s nothing better.

Brown apothecary jars, a simple label and a screw-top lid, these little candles look good no matter where you put them


Our deVOL candles are made from soy and rapeseed, they’re completely vegan and we have three sizes and seven delicious scents to choose from. So good as pressies or a little something for you, because why not! The scents are Amber & Tonka Bean, Black Oud, Black Pomegranate, Moroccan Rose, Tahitian Vanilla & Chilli Pepper, Wild Cranberry and finally, Wild Fig & Grape.

Our medium size candles have one wick and are available to purchase in sets of 2


Trying to pick a favourite is almost impossible because they’re all lovely but if I could only burn one of these forever more, I think I’d go with ‘Moroccan Rose’. I’m not into scents that are too sweet so this is just perfect with its citrusy top notes, hints of geranium and jasmine and base notes of musk and chilli, cedarwood and sandalwood.

My favourite scent in the large size, with three wicks and roughly 70 hours burning time


The brown apothecary jars are great too with their simple label, spot on for unobtrusive adornments around your home. Oh and once you’ve finished the candle, the jar can be reused for herbs and spices in your pantry. We think anyone would be happy to be given one of these little pots of joy!

There’s something so calming about a candlelit room, what a lovely gift or treat for yourself these candles would be


– Small deVOL Scented Candles have an approx. burn time of 36 hours, available in sets of 4, shop here.

– Medium deVOL Scented Candles have an approx. burn time of 50 hours & are available in sets of 2, shop here.

– Large deVOL Scented Candles have an approx. burn time of 70 hours & are available individually, shop here.