The All-In-One Island by deVOL launches in Taipei!

22nd April 2016

By Zoe Parker

We have added a brand new piece to our award winning Sebastian Cox Kitchen range and are so excited that it has just launched at the international design festival ‘Creative Expo’ in Taipei!!! Introducing the very beautiful all-in-one island by deVOL.

I will show you some photos of the island in action at the Expo in Taipei in a minute, but first here’s some beautiful shots of it sitting in the entrance hall at Cotes Mill and a little explanation of what this island is all about….


The idea of this piece is that you can have everything you need in your kitchen all in one beautiful island, you can have your cooker, dishwasher, sink and plenty of storage all in one practical and stylish piece of furniture. The modular design of of these cupboards mean you can add or take away the cabinets as you please, changing the size and function of your island and making it totally personal to you. Of course this piece can also be used in the traditional way you would use an island in your kitchen, simply as a very cool centrepiece.

For Creative Expo Taiwan we have created a big, but beautifully simple version of the all-in-one island…


This unique kitchen range has already been way more successful than we could ever have hoped for, and it’s been lauded by the English press as a completely new style: “Urban Rustic”. Of course for the all-in-one island we wanted to keep all of the classic Sebastian Cox Kitchen bits that already make this range so special and so unique; the delicately woven coppiced Ash, the totally under-used sawn English Beech panelling and the little pops of copper.


Now you’re probably thinking ‘why Taipei!?’…. well, we were contacted by a man called Jimmy Macdonald, who is actually the founder of the very famous ‘Tent London’ show. He told us all about the Creative Expo show in Taipei and how he had been asked to pick just a few of his favourite examples of great British design to showcase in the show’s ‘British Pavilion’… and he wanted us to be a part of it, how awesome is that!?

Jimmy explained that he was after a big kitchen island to be the centrepiece of the whole exhibition, so we knew we had to make something very special. The deVOL design team had had this idea of an all-in-one kitchen piece for a while, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring everybody’s visions to life.

We got to work straight away, perfecting the design and making every single bit by hand, photographing the final piece at the Mill and then packing it up and shipping it over to Taipei. And when we received these photos this morning of our all-in-one island sitting pride of place in the British Pavilion in Taipei we had the biggest smiles on our faces…


How cool is it that Jimmy actually picked us!? What an amazing achievement for deVOL and our collaborator Sebastian Cox.

Our island is in very good company in the British Pavilion too! Jimmy’s other picks were a range of lovely handmade ceramics by Sue Pryke, a classic table and chairs by Ercol and some amazing industrial style lighting by Dyke and Dean.



Jimmy even organised for professional Tea Smiths to be working on our island, offering tea master classes and making hot cups of tea for the visitors. Oh and those leaves you can see all over the ground are actually fresh green tea leaves!! Such a cool idea.


So there it is, deVOL’s beautiful all-in-one island, launched at the Creative Expo in Taipei. And yes, this piece will be available for all of our customers to purchase too! But don’t worry, we know there probably isn’t toooo many kitchens that would be able to fit this particular island in, measuring 5m from end to end. So the fact that you can change up the cupboards and the appliances you choose and alter the size and function of your island, means this will be a totally practical product for rooms big or small.

We really hope you love this new addition as much as we do.



– The Creative Expo in Taipei, Taiwan runs from 19th – 24th April in a beautiful old Japanese factory. For more info just click here.

– To see more of the Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL please click here. 



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