The most-loved deVOL Kitchens of 2019

3rd January 2020

By Zoe Parker

What a year it has been!! So many exciting things happened here at deVOL in 2019, but one of our very favourite things to do at the end of the year is to look back and see which of our kitchens received the most love. Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most important things to us, it has allowed us to reach more people across the world than we could ever have dreamed of. We share images each and every day with our followers and absolutely nothing beats seeing the reactions, seeing which kitchens you love and which ones you’re not so into, hearing your thoughts and opinions and chatting away for hours in the comments. It’s fascinating and sometimes quite surprising!! So, today I’m sharing our top 10 most-loved Instagram posts of 2019 counting back from 10 to 1, let’s go…



Over 7.8 thousand likes on this shot posted in April 2019, what a classic!

I’m so happy this post made it into our top 10. It’s hard to believe this room was once a dingy old hotel restaurant!! The owners, who moved over to beautiful Yorkshire from the States, totally gutted the whole place and stripped it right back to its original glory, maintaining and preserving many beautiful and irreplaceable original features along the way. The pretty coving, the wide planked wooden floorboards and those incredible floor-to-ceiling sash windows with wavy heritage glass. These things were only made lovelier by the other bits the owners added, the Classic English cupboards, collections of mid-century art, gorgeous lighting and nineteenth century dark wooden furniture.

– Lots more photos of this gorgeous Classic English Kitchen just here. 



8 thousand likes and almost 200 comments, this picture caused quite the stir when we first posted it in July 2019. 

I might have put this at the very top of my favourites of 2019, to me this a perfect dream kitchen in every way but all of you lovely folk made it your number 9… well, at least it’s in the top 10! The deep green walls, the handsome bespoke blue cupboards, the grand antique chandelier, the huge fluted sink and brass taps and the copper-topped kitchen table, the list of loveliness is never-ending. The best customers and the best kitchen, they showed us all how to create a totally memorable room to be enjoyed forever. We always love effortless style and this family had it in abundance.

– For more photos of the Victorian Rectory, click here. 



One of our favourite images of the NYC showroom and one of yours too, with 8.1 thousand likes!

So happy to see a photo of both our NYC showroom and our new Haberdasher’s Kitchen in the top 10! The star of this photo has to be the beautiful island – everybody falls in love with it the moment they see it and the best bit about it, about this whole range in fact, is that it’s not just cupboards for kitchens. These pieces of furniture look so good in so many different places, imagine them in a bar, a library, an office, a studio. This range is not something you hastily install and quickly grow tired of, this is an investment to be proud of and love forever.

– The Bond Street Haberdashery can be found on our website here, and more info on deVOL’s New York showroom here.



Not even a full kitchen, just one totally perfect piece of furniture. These photos received over 8.3 thousand likes.

Another Haberdasher’s image!! And this time not even a full kitchen, this pantry cupboard is totally impressive all on its own. Where would you put this cupboard in your home? What would you use it for? Ours is filled with a random collection of our favourite things, piles of folded linens, deVOL ceramics, books and funny little wooden utensils we’ve collected over the years. Imagine this piece in an art studio, drawers full of different papers and sketchbooks and paints and inks, pots of brushes and sponges and pencils and pens – everything beautifully organised and easy to see. Or in a bathroom, the drawers for towels and the top half for toiletries and candles and bathroomy things. A bedroom cupboard, a dining room cupboard or a place in your utility room to store pretty much anything, neatly stacked jam jars with nails in, plant pots and seed packets and string. Ah there’s so many lovely possibilities.

– This pantry cupboard was part of the Mezzanine Kitchen at Cotes Mill, if you’d like to see more photos click here.



This gorgeous photo styled and taken by Nina Plummer of Ingredients LDN got 8.6 thousand likes.

It doesn’t get much better than this. Thank you so much to Nina of @ingredientsldn for styling and taking these gorgeous photos of your deVOL Kitchen, and for allowing us to share them. Nina has taken our simple, humble, handmade Sebastian Cox cupboards and turned them into something extra special; a warm, comforting, natural room – we are in awe of this space… this whole home. This is my favourite photo of the kitchen too, imagine curling up in the little window seat to enjoy your morning coffee, gazing down at the bustling streets of Edinburgh below, absolute heaven!!

– Check out the full project on our website here, visit for gorgeous homeware pieces.



8.6 thousand likes for this beautifully fresh Shaker kitchen in Hertfordshire.

This simple image always gets so much love. It’s a little older than most of the others in our top 10 but it’s certainly proof that our Shaker cupboards are timeless. Bright white walls and painted floorboards, fresh pale blue cupboards and crisp stone surfaces. We love the mix of metals here too, aged brass on the cupboards and a chrome tap, it’s all good and makes for a really easygoing kitchen. Just to the right of the island were some huge old French doors that opened out onto the most wonderful gardens, how lovely to be able to potter in and out of your home so easily.

– Wander around the rest of this deVOL Kitchen here.



Small but perfectly formed, this little section of the Arlington Square Kitchen was liked over 8.8 thousand times.

Ok this one is no surprise, it always gets so much love!! It’s great because it shows you don’t need a big fancy home to have your dream kitchen. Space is a luxury but it isn’t about having loads of it – big rooms, big gardens, big houses – it is more about creating room to live simply and comfortably in the space you have available and filling the space in your mind with good thoughts. What a perfect mini little kitchen area, painted in Trinity Blue and finished off with a couple of our favourite Shaker shelves.

– This was such a small project that it doesn’t have it’s own page on our website, but check out all our Shaker projects here.



The first photo to make it past 10 thousand likes! The perfect amount of old and new in this Shaker Kitchen in Cardiff.

The third ‘Trinity Blue’ kitchen in a row!! Elegant architectural details, a perfectly scuffed wooden floor, a Real Shaker Kitchen… what a beauty. The owners renovated this little gem of a home to look like it hasn’t been renovated, if you know what we mean. Everything has been put back to how it might have been or how it was, the doors and flooring are reclaimed but you wouldn’t know they weren’t original. The soft Trinity Blue cupboards are subtle and calming and a little reminiscent of a kitchen from long ago.

– Lots of beautiful photos of this deVOL Kitchen can be viewed here.



10.7 thousand likes for this little flip through post of a Sebastian Cox Kitchen we fitted in this incredible home in Bath.

No words can quite describe just how amazing and perfectly designed this space is. If you’re looking to do an extension that feels light and modern but is really sympathetic to your home, then just take a look at this! The owners of this Regency-era artisan’s cottage decided to create an amazing glasshouse extension for their new deVOL cupboards. The decision to incorporate the exterior Bath Stone wall was such a clever one, adding texture and character and seamlessly linking the kitchen to this pretty garden.

– See the full set of photos of the Bath, Larkhall here.





Almost 300 comments and 11.6 thousand likes – this is the winner of our most-loved kitchen of 2019!

Did you guess right!?? An amazingly impressive aerial shot of the Arts and Crafts Kitchen in Kent, a very well-deserved winner we think and two years on the trot now!! We installed this kitchen back in 2015, it’s the oldest project from this whole top 10 but it’s consistently one of our most popular. The sheer scale and beauty of this room was quite something and although no photo could ever do this space justice, we think this one comes pretty close.

– Explore the rest of our most-loved deVOL Kitchen of 2019 here.


Every day we feel proud and fortunate to live in this world of social media where so many people can become involved and enjoy what we do. We are always so surprised by the genuine passion and love people have for deVOL, people who follow us on Instagram, people we meet when travelling and people who visit our showrooms, study our website and brochures and take their time to be so kind. So if you’ve been following us since the very beginning or for just a few days we want to say a big THANK YOU!! and if you’re not following us yet, what are you waiting for!? Find us @devolkitchens.