Utility Love

8th January 2014

By Helen Parker

deVOL-kitchens-Cotes Mill-showroom-blog-Pantry blue-Real shaker-utility-love-bespoke-beautiful-simple-stylish


This gorgeous bank of beautiful cupboards is part of our new Scullery/utility display here at Cotes Mill. Painted in one of our new colours ‘Pantry Blue’ with Carrara marble worktops, it looks very smart and would be such a lovely room to work in, a perfectly organised space. The look is very fitted and the richness of the colour gives it a very bespoke feel even though it is made with our standard Shaker cupboards.

This utility is designed slightly differently to a kitchen, I don’t like the idea of having your utility room as a ‘mini kitchen’ with sink under the window and symmetry on your run. I like it to be different because it does a different job, you need less space around your sink because it will be used much less frequently, but you need lots of worktop. So I tucked the sink in the corner, which instantly gives a more utilitarian feel. This left lots of space to do your laundry, potting up, flower arranging or whatever you fancy. The glazed counter top cupboards may not instantly seem right for a utility room, but I think its beautiful and practical and an incentive to keep your cupboards well organised. You don’t need to have fancy stylish things on display, it can be neatly stacked jam jars with nails in, it can be tea towels and linens, it can be plant pots and seed packets and string, whatever it is, if its neatly stored it will create an interesting and practical space.

The base cabinets are designed to be completely functional, I used two sets of double bins, one for rubbish and re cycling and one for laundry. Next to the bins is a wide open cabinet, suitable for stacking and storing. There is a freestanding washing machine behind fascia doors then the sink cabinet. We are waiting for some taps to complete the run so as soon as we have these we will photograph the rest of the run.

Utility and scullery rooms are an important part of a house, keeping all the messy jobs out of the kitchen. If your lucky enough to have one in your house then make the most of it, don’t think of it as a dumping ground that can be shut off from the rest of the house, think of it as a special room that can be so beautifully organised that you want to show it off. It doesn’t cost anymore to make it look lovely.

If your thinking of updating your little rooms, then come to us for a design, we love creating these little spaces.