Classic Mixed Switches

Handmade to order, lead time: 2-3 weeks


Inspired by 1920s Art Deco styling and vintage dolly switches, our switches & sockets are original designs that have been designed and made by hand in our metal studio at Cotes Mill.

Each fixture offers a unique, living patina that will continue to develop over time and grow in character with every touch. Our Heirloom Brass has a polished sheen with a traditional warm aged finish, Aged Brass is slightly more matt with subtle organic mottling and Oxidised Brass is a dark mottled finish with warm brassy undertones.

w 86   h 86   d 2 mm

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Toggle and dimmer switches are suitable for use in the UK and Europe.

electric dreams, by deVOL

Designing and making lovely, simple things to give our kitchens and customers more than just cupboards, but a unique style and individuality, is our passion. Sometimes it’s inspired by the need for something that we just can’t find, so we’ll set to and start making it ourselves, sometimes it’s something vintage that we’ve seen at an antiques fair and fallen in love with – whatever it may be, we’re constantly thinking and designing and working to create fabulous things to make every part of your kitchen and home special.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, we spend money on beautiful vintage fabrics and ornaments but often don’t consider, or choose to ignore, the fundamental small fittings of a room like the switches and sockets. deVOL’s new range of electrical fixtures are a little bit different, a little bit special and totally beautiful, they will transform your home so subtly and elegantly that you will wonder how you ever put up with the usual suspects!
Our new switches & sockets are original designs that have been developed in-house by the deVOL design team. Inspired by 1920s Art Deco styling, vintage dolly switches and unique knobs styled from old Bentley and WW2 Spitfire dashboards, these little pieces of jewellery for the home have made ‘necessary into desirable’. From simple sockets, to box dimmers and toggle switches, we have come up with a range of classic and unique shapes that will very simply enhance your rooms and become little features that are unexpected and yet so perfectly right. Our Toggle and Dimmer Switches are suitable for use in the UK and Europe, our 13A plug sockets are suitable for use in the UK only.
Something we are so proud of here at deVOL is that, still to this day, all our furniture and home accessories are handmade by us in our workshops and studios in Leicestershire and these new fixtures are no different. Created by our talented metalsmiths in the studio at Cotes Mill and beautifully designed right down to the perfect ‘click’ of our solid brass toggle switches, turning on a light has never felt so good. Much like our brass taps and handles and shelf brackets, the finishes on these switches and sockets are a living patina that will continue to get lovelier and more full of character with time and use. They won’t stay polished and pristine but will become little pieces of history to be treasured and admired for years and years to come.