deVOL Kitchens and Interiors

Contributor: Helen Parker

deVOL’s easy, cool and understated style is Helen's inspiration and her original approach to our look is quite unique. Over the last thirteen years that Helen has been with the company it has changed from a small Leicestershire business, to a household name. Helen's passion and desire to create a special look for deVOL has proved to be the making of this company.

Helen is a keen blogger and is always actively ensuring deVOL and its image is kept classic, on trend and eclectic. She loves food, unusual ingredients, exploring markets and local restaurants, spending time gardening and watching world movies, blogging about all of her experiences is a way for Helen to note down and share her thoughts and remember the lovely things about all of the things she loves.

Helen’s hobbies are a kind of extension of her work at deVOL, all of the things Helen loves are a part of her job so it makes blogging about them pretty easy and very fun. Helen has become a voice of knowledge when it comes to interiors and stylish living, she has that knack of knowing what’s cool and knowing just how to put that down into words, making her journal posts super popular with our customers and staff members too.

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