deVOL directory: The Coach House Kitchen

8th June 2017

By Zoe Parker

It’s cool and calm, it’s laid-back and so quiet in its beauty and it’s got those rustic LA vibes that I just love. The Coach House Kitchen by deVOL is one of our newest projects and has quickly become one of the most popular kitchens that we have ever posted on social media, so I thought I’d do another of my little directory blogs to tell you more about this wonderful space and hopefully answer lots of your questions.

All of the cupboards are from our Real Shaker Kitchen range and here’s a little info on the rest…



1. The Paint Colours 

I think this might be my new favourite deVOL colour combination. The big island is painted in ‘Pantry Blue’ and the base cupboards are painted in ‘Damask’, both of these colours have cool bluey grey undertones and contrast each other in quite a dramatic and beautiful way, without being too much. The pale base cupboards keep this big room feeling light and airy and open and the dark blue island creates a wonderful focal point, it adds a feeling of balance to the space, a really clever use of colour.

(Our paint colours are only available as part of a deVOL Kitchen)



2. The Flooring 

You can’t really go wrong with parquet flooring, it just seems to work anywhere and everywhere and so many of our customers go for this classic look in their new kitchen. I’ve never really seen a parquet quite as pale as the one laid in our Coach House Kitchen before, it’s unusual but I really love it. The customers did an awesome job of picking something a little different but something that looks just like it’s meant to be, it’s contemporary and it’s rustic all in one, very cool.

– The flooring used here is called ‘Seashell’ parquet by Fired Earth –



3. The AGA 

What a perfect testament to the fact that AGA’s don’t only work in traditional country kitchens, they can work just as well and just as beautifully in contemporary spaces too. This particular model has the classic look of an AGA but it’s actually electric, so you have total control over temperatures and can turn each oven and hotplate on and off as you wish. The customers opted to go for the black colour which I love, it adds a little bit of edge and ties in really well with the metal framed doors and dark central island.

– 3-Oven Total Control AGA in Black –

–  Elica ‘Elibloc’ built in extractor –



4. The Lighting 

The graphic glass and metal pendant lights in this kitchen were bespoke and really beautiful, their design was simple but they most definitely held their own in this huge space. Picking lighting is one of the things our customers always find quite tricky, it’s a bold image within the room and the place your eye seems to wander to first, so getting it right is important. Anything too bold can become dated pretty quickly, so we’d always say keep it subtle and understated and you can’t go far wrong.

– For similar lights try the ‘Quad Pendants’ by Original BTC, lots of our customers have used these in the past and they always look lovely – 



5. The Sink & Taps 

The Coach House Kitchen features deVOL’s ‘Ionian’ Aged Brass taps, made in collaboration with Perrin & Rowe and a Farmhouse sink by Villeroy & Boch, a classic combination that you know is going to look good.

– The taps are available exclusively from deVOL, for ordering info please call us on 01509 261000 or email

– Farmhous Sink –



6. The Hardware 

The customers opted for our favourite deVOL Bella Brass cupboard catches, cup handles and knobs. The brass details added warmth and charm and looked so spot on with the rustic accessories and little bits and bobs displayed sparingly and thoughtfully around the room.

Our deVOL Bella Brass hardware is only available as part of a deVOL Kitchen, but we have just started to supply our very own Handcrafted Cup Handles separately, we figured they were too good to keep to ourselves! You can check out the full range here – 



7. The Worktops

The Coach House Kitchen features Carrara marble worktops. We so often get asked about natural stone worktops, particularly marble… whether we recommend it or whether we don’t, what are the pros and the cons and is it a really, really bad idea!? And we always say no, it’s not a really, really bad idea, in fact, it’s a great idea and you should go for it. We love marble, it has a natural beauty that no composite stone could ever replace and it ages in the loveliest way, it feels just right for a kitchen. Yes it might mark and scratch a little, but that’s ok, that’s the beauty of it. Marble and other natural stones can be a little scary for some people, and if you really do want a worktop that will just stay pristine and perfect and not need lots of attention, then we’d say go for a Silestone or quartz, but if you’re happy to give your worktop a little more love and accept the fact it’s going to change and only get better and more full of character and charm with time and use, then go for something natural. Besides, in ancient times we laid marble floors, we built whole buildings from this stunning stone and they still stand today, it’s a material that will last forever, it’s special and unique and in our opinion, nothing else quite tops it.

(We only supply worktops as part of a deVOL Kitchen) 



Oh, and I know lots of you have fallen in love with this little garden, it was south-facing and really private and completely lovely. In particular we’ve had lots of questions about the paving stones on the floor, unfortunately, we don’t know exactly where these ones were sourced from. However, I’ve chatted with the lovely guys at our sister company, Floors of Stone, and they’ve said if you’re interested in this outdoor stone then please do get in touch with them and they’ll do their very best to source you something similar.

– Call the Floors of Stone sales team on 01509 234000, or visit their website

– p.s. If you’re after something similar to this stone but for indoor use only, then check out their ‘Silver Tumbled Travertine’ for a pretty close match!



– To view the full Coach House Kitchen project, please click here.

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