deVOL Handcrafted Knobs & Handles

“It makes sense that every aspect of a deVOL Kitchen, right down to the handles, should be equally well designed and made. Good design is all about equal consideration for every aspect, form, aesthetic, utility etc. The quality of deVOL is in their attention to detail, the last finishing touches.” Stephanie O'Leary, deVOL's jeweller and metalsmith.

  • These handles and door knobs are original designs that have been developed in-house by the deVOL design team.
  • Each piece is cast by hand by our talented jeweller, Stephanie, in the metal workshop here at Cotes Mill.
  • Sand casting allows us to create an organic pitted texture on the surface of our metalware, meaning that no two are ever alike.
  • Stephanie has complete control during the finishing of the metalware and is able to produce a stunning variety of living finishes, including a natural verdigris patina.
  • We recommend that you order your metalware all together in one batch so that we can ensure that they are perfectly matched as a set.
  • If you would like to see our cupboard handles and door knobs in person they are currently on display in our St. John's Square showroom in Clerkenwell as well as our Mill House showroom at Cotes Mill in Leicestershire.

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