Our Bond Street showroom in NoHo, NYC – the Classic English Kitchen

31st October 2019

By Holly Bishop

I recently made the leap from our St. John’s Square showroom in Clerkenwell to our Bond Street showroom in New York!! Working in this beautiful new showroom in this cool and crazy city still feels quite surreal… but I’m so happy to be here and I’m slowly but surely getting to grips with how it all works!! What better way to share my news than with a tour of our totally fabulous space in the heart of Manhattan!?

The deVOL Kitchens Showroom – 28 Bond Street, NoHo, New York

Helen, deVOL’s very talented and very lovely Creative Director, designed the whole showroom. There are four displays to show off all our ranges of furniture, each with a totally distinct feel and style and yet all feel completely cohesive to one another. Truly authentic spaces to inspire and delight.

The Classic English Kitchen is the first one you’ll see as you push through the huge glass entrance, it’s bold and brave with lots of colour and textures and tones – it makes such an impact.

The cooker run, with bespoke Classic cabinetry and a huge Wolf range

I love absolutely everything about this display, it’s unexpected and so creative and a great reminder to everybody to think a little outside the box. There’s no better way to truly put your stamp on your home than to forget any ‘rules’ you’ve heard and just make your space a real culmination of your favourite things. Colour is such a huge part of all interiors and it’s refreshing to see something so striking!! 

The kitchen of dreams – so much colour!

Our Classic English range is bespoke so every piece is designed to exact sizes and requirements; individual bits of handcrafted furniture to fill the space perfectly. This kitchen is made up of a prep table with two huge runs of furniture down either side, an open dresser on the cooker run and two wall cupboards on the sink run – all painted in fabulous deep shades of rich blue and raspberry pink. Heaven!! This range was originally designed to be freestanding, a big sink cabinet, a prep table, a pantry – sole pieces to make up a simple and beautiful kitchen. And this space certainly has an element of that, which I really love. You’ll notice the runs of cupboards don’t fit snugly against the wall, there’s a small gap, this helps to create that cool ‘unfitted’ feel.

This Classic English kitchen is a nod back to the original designs, a little more freestanding in style

Helen decided on Arsenic for the walls, a shade I never would have thought of but looks absolutely perfect with both the furniture and our wall of Emerald London Green Tiles. These handmade tiles look good everywhere you put them but there’s something extra special about them here in our New York City showroom, the different tones glimmer away as the sun shines in and remind us all of the old East London pubs and pie shops they were so inspired by.

Walls painted in Arsenic and Claire’s Emerald Green London Tiles – a perfect combination

As well as a mix of colours, there’s a mix of worktops too. Our favourite, cool Carrara marble, spans the run of cupboards and also makes up the splashback, while a combination of honed black granite and shiny polished copper top our Classic prep table. We tend to supply our copper aged and mottled and weathered so it was lovely to see this super glossy piece. It’s slowly beginning to develop, gaining character and a story… Lots of design appointments happen here in our front kitchen so I’m excited to see how it changes over the next few years!!

The most wonderful pink was chosen for our Classic English prep table and wall cupboards

An element I really love about this part of our showroom is the collection of Minton entrance tiles. Minton was a leading UK pottery company back in the day, founded in 1793 and extremely popular in the Victorian era – you’ll find these tiles in lots of grand London homes, which is exactly where ours came from! We actually discovered this set on eBay, they arrived in a jumble all covered in mortar and hours were spent cleaning and polishing and forming the original pattern – a long and tiring job but so worth it, they are the perfect way to introduce American customers to our little slice of England. 

Our Minton tiles get so much love, they are such a wonderful addition to the front of our showroom

One more part I am very much in love with – I know I have been saying this a lot! – is the Arabescato marble sink. It’s amazing in every way, huge and grand and sumptuous, and yet totally classic too. Although luxurious, it isn’t an impractical extravagance. Marble has been used in kitchens all over the Mediterranean for as long as we can remember, it’s strong and hard-wearing and it doesn’t matter if it gets a mark or scratch because it fades in and adds to its timeless beauty. This one is the Fluted Tuscan Farmhouse style and is from our own collection of marble sinks which are made exclusively for us in Carrara, Italy. 

A fluted Arabescato marble sink, our aged brass taps, a wall of emerald tiles and a brass rail with copper pans – heaven

And it’s all the other little bits and pieces that really transform this display into an authentic and inspiring kitchen. The delicate vintage pendants dotted above the sink run, the masses of coloured glass in all shapes and sizes, the huge chandelier that takes centre stage, hanging from an antique ceiling rose that took days to painstakingly restore back to its original glory. We never want our showrooms to feel like brand new shiny shops with no soul, we want our customers to walk in and feel as though they have stepped into a real and very beautiful kitchen, rooms that hold memories and display treasures and are a total joy to be in.

Beautiful vintage coloured glass adorns the cupboards and dressers of our Classic kitchen

And that’s our Classic English showroom at Bond Street!! Next up, our much-loved Shaker kitchen…


You’ll find our New York showroom at 28 Bond Street, NoHo, 10012. Drop by and say hello!

You can also email us at usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com.


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