Our Bond Street Showroom in NoHo, NYC – The Haberdasher’s Kitchen

9th March 2020

By Holly Bishop

Our Haberdasher’s Kitchen is a very special collection of furniture. We launched this range nearly two years ago at Clerkenwell Design Week, everybody who saw it fell in love and it’s been so cool to see so many of our customers turn to this unique range of furniture for their home.

You can see Haberdasher’s displays at Cotes Mill, St. John’s Square and, of course, here in our Bond Street showroom in New York. This display follows on from our Shaker Kitchen, it’s dark and moody and atmospheric, it’s a really beautiful space and showcases these pieces perfectly.

The Bond Street Haberdashery by deVOL.

The Haberdasher’s range was inspired by English mid-century designs and old gentlemen’s haberdashery shops, the classic glazed doors and sliding drawers, rows of oak cupboards housing silks and ribbons and buttons and beautiful patterns. It’s totally different from our other three ranges and actually, a very big change from what we tend to see in the kitchen at all. Lots of people who visit us in the showroom say that they have never really seen anything like this before! It was influenced by traditional designs but in fact feels totally individual and exciting, the perfect blend of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative ideas.

Beautifully handcrafted furniture with a mid-century feel.

This kitchen has been finished in our original ‘Haberdasher’s Oak’, a slightly darkened one-coat oil that adds a warmth and richness to the timber. I love this look, it’s simple and classic and shows off the natural beauty of the oak. That being said, we recently launched a collection of other colours and finishes for the Haberdasher’s Kitchen and they really are very beautiful too. Click here to take a look, I don’t think I can choose a favourite!!

Our ‘Haberdasher’s Oak’ finish is a one-coat tinted oil, it’s slightly darkened to give a really rich look to the timber.

I love how this kitchen shows off every beautiful detail of the range. The bank of glazed countertop cupboards is a personal favourite, filled with vintage medicine jars and bottles and pots, you can just imagine how perfect this set up would be in so many homes… And there’s the option to swap this glass for reeded or go for the closed tambour style – perfect for anybody who would rather not be so organised with their things!!

Just under three metres of beautiful glazed storage, ready to display all your treasures.

The back of these cupboards are tongue and groove and are painted in a dark, rich brown shade. I love the delicateness of these countertop cupboards, the thin oak frames are so elegant and the handcrafted pivot hinges are the loveliest addition. They are made by our wonderful metal team in our studio at Cotes Mill and allow the doors to open 180°, a small detail but one of the many things that make this collection of furniture feel truly special and unique.

This range is full of special details, from the handcrafted pivot hinges to the tambour-style cupboard fronts.

Another part of this range that is wonderful, and so different to anything else we design and make, is our Haberdasher’s Prep Table. This piece works as a classic island but feels so much airier and more elegant than lots you see. The ends are curved and fitted with mottled copper and you can customise the storage to suit you perfectly, whether that’s classic glazed cupboards like you see here or tambour-style panels, or even just left open.

The prep table of dreams!  

I can’t talk about our Prep Table without mentioning the worktop, it’s our own bespoke copper that is hand-aged by our metal team. This surface is pretty unbeatable in my opinion, its weathered finish is so full of character and it really does add personality and authenticity to every space. I love how Helen paired this worktop with the Carrara marble at the back. Carrara marble is one of our all-time favourite stones to work with, and one we love to use in our projects… so of course we had to include it in this display! The look of both is absolutely perfect and the two worktops contrast wonderfully together, smooth and clean and classic with the marble, and mottled and rich and a little rustic with the copper. It’s so good.

The hand-aged copper worktop is perfect, it gets so much love from everybody who sees it.

One of my very favourite parts of the Bond Street Haberdashery, and of all the furniture we make actually, is the pantry. Our Haberdasher’s pantries are totally perfect in every way. The glazed fronts are on pivot hinges, the lower half has sliding oak drawers and the top has fixed shelves. How good would it look laden with vintage coloured glass and collections of crockery and your grandmother’s linens… It’s so beautifully made and although it’s perfect for storing these kinds of things, it really isn’t limited to just a kitchen cupboard. This piece would work perfectly in a bathroom, a bedroom, a bar, the possibilities are endless.

A freestanding pantry that will get better and better over time.

I think it’s very clear just how much I love this kitchen. Every little detail is just right, from the handcrafted furniture to the super dark Anaglypta wallpapered walls and the selection of our Porcelain Pendants dotted around, hanging happily at different heights and locations. It’s a dream!

The final tour will be of our Sebastian Cox Potting Shed, hidden away at the very back of our Manhattan showroom… Last but certainly not least!!


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