The Pimlico Kitchen

This project was everything we wanted it to be, a good old fashioned kitchen in a lovely big family home. It had just the right amount of newness and traditional to make it feel modern and slightly above fashionable, such a great choice for this kind of house. Essentially it’s a galley kitchen, but unusually the room is open at both ends so it feels spacious and easy to be in, with views into the dining room and the back garden.

The ceilings were very high so the wall cupboards were tall, the fridge and pantry were behind closed doors and the family had chosen integrated ovens. The whole room just seemed to work, I love it when you walk into one of our kitchens and everything is as you had hoped and more, you wouldn’t change a thing. The wooden worktops and metro tiles were a clever mix, unusual as a combination but very effective and quite authentic for a room like this.

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