Our Kitchen Design Service

deVOL Kitchen Designers are very experienced in transforming your ideas into a beautiful and practical kitchen, utility room or boot room. We do not charge for this initial kitchen design service which includes a layout option and an estimate or full itemised quote.

In order to take advantage of this design service and to ensure we offer you suitable layouts right from the start, we ask for the following information prior to beginning any design work. Also please note we are always very busy with our design service and will prioritise your request if you take the time to visit us here at the Mill or our Clerkenwell showroom in London. Please note, we still work to timescales and will offer you a full design service appointment if you require your kitchen within the next 3 – 4 months.

This information will be our first point of reference so please do indicate how you and your family would like to use the rooms and feel free to express your practical and aesthetic likes and dislikes.

The more information you give our designers, the easier it is to present you with your ideal kitchen design and quote first time round. Please follow the bullet points when sending in your kitchen plans (by email to enquiries@devolkitchens.co.uk or for London based enquiries please Email london.enquiries@devolkitchens.co.uk or by post).

  • Full address and contact details
  • Your time scales for the project and a rough idea of budget are always required
  • A dimensioned room plan - this can be a simple hand drawn one, but we do need to have the windows, doors, ceiling heights etc. shown, along with any other features that may hinder the placement of furniture
  • The range of furniture you would like, Classic English, Real Shaker, Air or Sebastian Cox
  • Information on your appliances, fridge, cooker etc. (existing or to be purchased)
  • A wish list and photos where possible will really help and links to Pinterest boards are useful too