deVOL Pull Handles

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Having rare and beautifully aged metal objects in your kitchen has become quite a trademark of deVOL. Our original range of drawer pulls and door knobs are available in an amazing variety of living finishes which will change naturally over time and get better with use.

We recommend that you order your knobs and handles all together in one batch to ensure they are matched as a set. Large orders may take longer than stated lead times. Matching brass screws included.

jewellery for houses, by deVOL

Our hardware is such an important part of our kitchens, it’s these little details that bring everything together and elevate a design to achieve that wonderfully timeless look that has become synonymous with deVOL. Brass handles have always been a firm favourite of ours and our customers, there is something so classic about brass, even though it’s at the top of everyone’s wish list it doesn’t feel like a fad, it’s just too beautiful to fade away into trend history.

It all started with Steph, a talented first-class designer maker who first showed us how to make these beautiful handles. Steph set up the metal studio at Cotes Mill and within a few months we had developed a complete range of drawer pulls, door knobs and other metal items. It makes sense that every aspect of a kitchen, right down to the knobs and handles, should be equally well designed and made. Not only did we want them to look great, but they had to feel good in your hand too. Solid cast handles have a lovely weight to them, you can really feel the quality. 

With a just small furnace, a few wax models and a box of sand, we created the first few sets of Classic and Boho handles. It was such an amazing and almost primeval experience seeing that first crucible of molten metal being poured into the moulds and the satisfying hiss of steam as the red-hot casts were plunged into water to cool. Sand-casting is perfect for creating a naturally pitted surface on each handle, and no two are ever alike. Once the casts were cleaned up, we started to play with the finishes. We wanted to offer a selection of authentic living finishes that would change over time and get better with use and we couldn't be happier with the results.

The metal studio has now outgrown the workshop space at Cotes Mill and has moved down the road to a new workshop, where Steph leads a full team of skilled metalsmiths. Our handles, knobs and catches adorn beautiful kitchen cupboards the world over and its so hard now to imagine life without them.