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The Cotes Mill Shaker Showroom

This Real Shaker Kitchen is in our main showroom at Cotes Mill and continues to inspire our customers with its mix of cupboards, work surfaces and elegant design. This long sink run turns the corner just a little before meeting the old sash windows and original low window sill. The sink run is a combination of our standard Shaker base cabinets and includes a single bin. The corner cupboard has an additional carcass on the side of the cabinet, making full use of the corner space and creating a nice big work area. The original old window sill behind the sink is a little lower than our standard cabinets but, using Silestone upstands, it keeps the run neat and the work surface contained and easy to keep clean.

The walls in this part of the building are very wonky, but with some very careful scribing, it's quite possible to achieve a neat fitted look on both wall and base cupboards. Keeping the colours of the cupboards and worktops light makes the room feel spacious and bright, even though there isn't much natural light from the windows. Old buildings with low ceilings will have all the same issues we encountered, but with careful, simple choices you can create a beautifully fitted and modern feeling kitchen that is sympathetic to the rest of the room.

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