The Pink & Blue Room, Bath

Total Cupboard Costs: £32,820

Sometimes when a room is naturally dark and north-facing, it is tempting to make everything light and bright, paint the cupboards in creams or whites and have lots of lighting. Well, we did the opposite in here, we went for dusky pink on the walls and rich dark Shaker cupboards, in the hope of creating a really moody atmosphere. Dark can be dingy and dull but more often, if embraced, it can create a magical space. The sink run gets the morning light shining right across it, the Carrara marble worktop and glossy Belfast sink add some nice reflections and the tongue and groove back panelling along this whole run gives a warm tactile feel and a lovely place to display plates and bowls.

The fireplace is most definitely the highlight of this room, positioned on an angle, it faces you as you enter the room, so we decided to fill the wall with a carefully chosen collection of blue, white, cream and pink plates from antique fairs. This feature is quite stunning and gives the room a real personality and uniqueness, as well as a delightful little spot to sit and ponder on the comings and goings of the kitchen. We have added a couple of our Grand Tour Lamps into this kitchen to give extra little pools of light where needed and avoid having too many strong central lights spoiling the room's character.

The central island is a very simple Shaker piece, slim enough to allow some seating, (given the room is not that wide) but deep enough to allow some pretty glazed cupboards and plenty of prep space on the rustic oak worktop.

The cooker run is small and compact but there is lots of room for a proper range cooker, some roomy Shaker drawers and a very nicely proportioned London Glazed Wall Cupboard that takes full advantage of the high ceilings. Finished off with our Lace Market Tiles, The Pink & Blue Room has become a real favourite with our customers because it feels so achievable and yet so bespoke. That is what makes our Shaker cupboards special, along with our design service, as the two things go hand-in-hand, giving all our customers guidance in which cupboards to use and how to make the best of the space you have.

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